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GPCTBACI Methodology

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Matt Doyon

Chief Executive Officer @ Triple Session

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Do you find yourself facing the challenge of selling to smaller buying committees? Are shorter sales cycles and concise conversations your key to success? If so, you're not alone. According to the sales methodology GPCTBACI, created by HubSpot, small and mid-size businesses require a unique approach to sales. In this session, the eight key components of GPCTBACI will be explored, shedding light on how this methodology can revolutionize your sales process.

Understanding GPCTBACI: Breaking Down the Acronym

G - Goals

In the first step, G stands for goals. The sales rep's mission is to uncover the end game for the customer. What priorities and objectives are they looking to achieve? Ideally, these goals should come with numerical values, allowing for a clear, measurable target.

P - Plan

Moving on to P, the plan revolves around understanding the current status quo. What strategies and resources are the clients currently employing to reach their goals? This step provides insight into the landscape of people, processes, tools, and services in use.

C - Challenges

Challenges (C) focus on identifying obstacles and pain points in the current scenario. A deep understanding of the customer's challenges is crucial for effectively educating them on the need for change.

T - Time

Time (T) emphasizes urgency. Why is it essential for the customer to move now? Understanding the timeline is critical for building urgency and moving through the sales process efficiently.

B - Budget

Budget (B) is often overlooked but is a key factor in determining fit. Can the client afford the product or service? Has enough value been built to justify the budget?

A - Authority

Authority (A) addresses who the sales rep is talking to. In the context of small businesses, it often involves engaging with decision-makers or those one heartbeat away from them.

C - Consequences

Consequences (C) delve into the negative outcomes of maintaining the status quo. Understanding the potential downsides creates urgency for the customer to embrace change.

I - Implications

Lastly, implications (I) explore the positive outcomes that will result from making the necessary changes. Painting a picture of a better future motivates clients to move forward.

The Strengths of GPCTBACI: Eight Key Benefits

Now that the individual components are clear, let's delve into the eight key benefits of incorporating GPCTBACI into your sales process.

1. Organized Approach

GPCTBACI provides an organized structure, allowing sales reps to focus on critical aspects when dealing with small and mid-sized businesses. This organization ensures everyone, both in the buying and selling teams, stays on the same page.

2. Easy to Learn

Breaking down the sales process into smaller, easy-to-learn components facilitates quick comprehension and efficient teaching. Each step can be tackled with specificity, enhancing the learning and teaching experience.

3. Proven Track Record

With almost 15 years of use by thousands of organizations, GPCTBACI has been battle-tested and proven effective in selling to small and mid-sized customers. Its track record instills confidence in its reliability.

4. Professional Tone

The methodology encourages a professional tone by keeping the conversation aligned with what is most critical for the client. This helps guide them as a thought leader through the decision-making process, fostering a more impactful relationship.

5. Increased Win Rate

By incorporating critical information early in the conversation, GPCTBACI helps remove potential objections and increases the likelihood of gaining agreement with a larger pool of potential clients. This, in turn, boosts the overall win rate.

6. Shortened Sales Cycle

The emphasis on getting crucial information out early and having productive conversations with clients shortens the sales cycle. The organized and efficient nature of GPCTBACI expedites the entire process.

7. Open Iteration

GPCTBACI allows for open iteration, enabling sales reps to continuously assess and improve their sales process. By breaking everything down into smaller components, reps can identify what works, what needs improvement, and enhance their overall approach.

8. Customized for Small Business

Tailored for selling to small businesses, GPCTBACI is the perfect fit for scenarios involving smaller customers, smaller buying committees, and lower ticket sizes.

Is GPCTBACI Right for You?

How do you know if GPCTBACI is the ideal fit for your sales approach? If you find yourself dealing with buying committees that typically consist of one or two people, and you have direct access to decision-makers, then GPCTBACI might be the compact and efficient solution you've been searching for.

In conclusion, the GPCTBACI methodology offers a streamlined and effective approach to selling, especially when dealing with smaller businesses. By understanding and implementing each component, sales reps can elevate their game and achieve greater success in a shorter timeframe. If you're ready to take your sales process to the next level, watch this session to learn more about mastering GPCTBACI. Remember, practice makes progress!

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