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Did you know that understanding your client's business plan could be the game-changer in your sales approach? In fact, 68% of successful sales reps attribute their achievements to a deep comprehension of their client's strategies. So, what's the secret sauce? Let's delve into the intricacies of the "P" in GPCT – the Plan.

Decoding the Business Plan: More than Just a Roadmap

In a B2B setting, the plan is more than a roadmap; it's the strategic guide outlining actions and investments a group employs to achieve a common goal. But what sets apart a seasoned sales rep is understanding the nuances of this plan, specifically the actions taken and investments made.

The Three P's of Plan

Breaking down the plan into three P's is pivotal for a sales rep. These are:

  1. Process: Uncover the steps, tools, and methodologies embedded in the client's daily activities. For instance, in sales, the process might involve the utilization of CRM tools and specific methodologies.
  2. People: Identify the team players crucial to executing the plan. Remember, people buy people, not just products or services. Knowing the roles, actions, and effectiveness of each team member is a strategic advantage.
  3. Performance: Evaluate outcomes, from leading indicators to financial metrics. Understanding the performance metrics unique to your client's industry allows you to gauge the effectiveness of the plan and identify areas for improvement.

The Seven Golden Benefits of Unveiling the Plan

Why should you invest your time in understanding your client's plan? Let's break down the seven key benefits:

  1. Window into Time: Gain insights into the past, present, and future states of your client. Understand the strategies that brought them to today and the current plan they're executing.
  2. Mapping the Team: Identify the key players in the client's plan. Knowing who is involved and how they contribute is critical to aligning yourself seamlessly with their objectives.
  3. Common Language: Grasp the language of the business by understanding how your client describes their plan. Speaking their language builds trust and positions you as an integral part of their team.
  4. Understanding Value Systems: Delve into the client's value system by examining past and current plans. Knowing what they value allows you to align your offer with their priorities effectively.
  5. Decoding Decision Processes: Gain insights into the client's decision-making process by analyzing past and present plans. Understand what they've chosen to invest in or take action on to tailor your approach accordingly.
  6. Contextual Clarity: The plan provides context on how your offer fits into the bigger picture. Knowing all the components and players in the client's ecosystem allows you to seamlessly integrate and contribute to their goals.
  7. Effective Challenge: Understanding the current situation enables you to challenge the client effectively. By comprehending the details of their plan, you can propose a future state that is more compelling, with your product or service playing a crucial role.

The Three Components of Business Plans: Process, People, and Performance

In summary, mastering the client's plan involves dissecting the three components:

  • Process (P1): Understand the steps, tools, and methodologies in place.
  • People (P2): Identify the team players and their roles in executing the plan.
  • Performance (P3): Evaluate outcomes and leading indicators to gauge the plan's effectiveness.

Remember, the plan is not just a "how." It's the glue that connects the "why" (problems and opportunities) with the "what" (goals). So, the next time you engage with a client, dive into their plan, and watch how it transforms your sales game.

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