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Matt Doyon

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Have you ever wondered about the role of goals in the sales process? Statistics show that successful companies are those that have well-defined goals, paving the way for a strategic sales methodology. In this session, we delve into the significance of goals, following the GPCTBACI framework, and explore how sales reps can leverage them to become indispensable assets on their clients' journey to success.

What Exactly are Business Goals?

Business goals are the broad, measurable outcomes a company, team, or individual actively strives to achieve over a specific period. But why are they crucial? Let's break down the five key benefits of integrating goals into your sales discussions.

1. Alignment for Success

One of the clear benefits of discussing and defining goals is the alignment it provides. Aligning priorities and actions puts you on the same page with your client, making you an integral part of their team. After all, success is often a collaborative effort.

2. Meaningful Work

Defining goals assigns meaning to the work at hand. Understanding the "how" and "why" behind actions provides a greater perspective on decision-making. As a sales rep, this insight is invaluable in navigating the client's decision-making process effectively.

3. Providing Context

Goals offer great context, especially concerning the broader vision of the business. Knowing individual, team, and company goals allows you to present your solution with a deeper understanding of the client's overall objectives.

4. Measuring Success

Clear, well-defined goals are the best way to measure success or identify areas for improvement. Whether it's weekly, monthly, or yearly objectives, having a roadmap helps both you and your client track progress and celebrate achievements.

5. Focusing on Outcomes

Goals focus on outcomes, not just what the company or sales rep cares about. Understanding the outcomes customers seek fosters collaboration and ensures that your efforts align with the benefits your clients are looking to achieve.

The Three Audiences Impacting Goals

Understanding goals becomes even more critical when we consider the three key audiences involved: individuals, teams, and companies.


Each individual stakeholder has their own goals, which may differ from the team or company objectives. Uncovering and aligning these individual goals is crucial for a successful collaboration.


Teams often have specific performance targets that contribute to the overall success of the company. Ensuring alignment between individual and team goals is essential for a cohesive and effective sales strategy.


Ultimately, everything boils down to company goals. Successful companies align individual and team objectives with broader company missions. As a sales rep, your role involves driving consensus and alignment across these three entities.

Navigating Goals: A Practical Example

Consider selling training services. On an individual level, the focus might be on personal development and career building. For the team, it could be about enhancing overall performance, while the company aims for increased revenue and reduced risk. In this scenario, the keyword is performance, aligning with everyone's goals in different ways.

When Clients Have Goals (or Don't)

So, what if your client doesn't have goals or hasn't defined them clearly? Here's where your skills as a sales rep come into play. By asking insightful questions, you can uncover the status quo and guide your clients toward articulating their goals.

  • How do you measure success?
  • What are the bottom line measurables?
  • What does your boss care about?

Asking these questions initiates a dialogue that encourages clients to think about their goals, even if they haven't articulated them yet.

In conclusion, understanding and working with goals is a powerful way for sales reps to deliver value as trusted advisors and consultants. By aligning with your clients' goals, you become an integral part of their journey to success. As you embark on this path, always remember, practice makes progress. Watch this session to learn more about mastering the strength training on goals. 

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