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Discovery Questioning

What Questions to Ask Prospects During The Sales Discovery Process

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Jeremy Miner

Sales Coach, CEO & Founder of 7th Level Communications

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In the world of sales, the ability to ask the right questions can make all the difference. Jeremy Miner, a seasoned sales expert, delves into the art of asking questions that go beneath the surface, revealing the true needs and desires of your prospects. In this session, we'll explore the power of clarifying and probing questions to transform your sales conversations. Join us in uncovering the secrets of successful sales discovery.

The Best Questions to Ask in Sales Calls

Clarifying and probing questions, often referred to as EPQ (Emotional Pain Questions), are indispensable tools for sales reps. They serve a dual purpose: firstly, to unearth the genuine issues and challenges faced by your prospects, and secondly, to create a sense of urgency and openness to change. These questions are the keys to unlocking persuasive conversations.

 1. "How do you mean by that?"

A simple yet potent technique is to echo back one key emotional word used by the prospect. For example, if they mention feeling "stressed," respond with, "How do you mean by 'stressed'?" This probing statement encourages the prospect to elaborate and open up about their emotions, setting the stage for a more meaningful conversation.

 2. "How long has that been going on for?"

When a prospect shares a problem, asking them about the duration of the issue prompts them to revisit the pain they've endured. For instance, if they've experienced stress for three years, asking, "How long has that been going on for?" allows them to reflect on the impact and significance of their challenge.

 3. "In what way though?"

Follow up with, "In what way though?" to delve deeper into their pain and gain a clearer understanding of their situation. This question encourages them to clarify their thoughts and feelings, making it easier to identify potential solutions.

 4. "What's causing this to happen?"

Understanding the root causes of a prospect's challenges is crucial. By asking, "What's causing this to happen?" or "What's prompting you to look into changing this now?" you gain insights into their motivations and pain points.

 5. "Why is this important to you?"

Dig into the prospect's motivations by asking, "Why is this important to you?" This question uncovers the emotional drivers behind their decisions, helping you tailor your solution to their needs.

 6. "Can you be more specific or give me an example?"

Encourage clarity and specificity by requesting more details. For example, "Can you be more specific or give me an example? What do you mean by that?" This question ensures you have a precise understanding of their challenges.

Find out questions seven and eight in this session.

Incorporating these clarifying and probing questions into your sales conversations can transform your approach. By guiding your prospects to share their emotions, pain points, and motivations, you create a deeper connection and build trust. This, in turn, enhances your ability to provide tailored solutions that genuinely address their needs.

To delve deeper into the world of effective sales questioning and discover how to implement these techniques in your own sales approach, watch the full session by Jeremy Miner. You can also learn, from this other session, what are the worst sales questions you could ask in a sales call.

As a sales representative, mastering the art of asking the right questions is your key to success. By using clarifying and probing questions, you can uncover your prospect's true needs and emotions, build stronger connections, and ultimately close more deals. Don't miss the opportunity to watch the full session and take your sales skills to the next level.

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