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Never Ask These 5 Stupid Sales Questions

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Marc Wayshak

Founder, Author & Sales Strategist

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In the fast-paced world of sales, asking the right questions can make or break a deal. Sales representatives are constantly seeking ways to improve their approach, but it's equally important to recognize and eliminate the questions that can hinder your progress. In this informative session, we'll explore the five worst sales questions you should never ask, and why avoiding them can significantly improve your sales game.

 1. "How are you?" – A Conversation Killer

The infamous question, "How are you?" seems like a harmless conversation starter, but it's time to retire it. Most prospects can see through this as a mere time-filler and recognize that you don't genuinely care about their well-being. Instead, consider asking a more engaging question, like, "Did I catch you in the middle of something?" This can spark a more meaningful conversation and set a positive tone from the start.

 2. "Can I pick your brain?" – An Unattractive Proposition

Asking to "pick someone's brain" is a phrase that has worn out its welcome. Nobody wants their brain picked. Instead of making vague requests, provide value upfront through your questions and the information you share. Engage your prospects and demonstrate that you understand their challenges. This approach is more likely to lead to meaningful discussions and build trust.

 3. "Would you be interested if?" – Outdated and Ineffective

"Would you be interested if…" questions belong to old-school sales tactics. They come across as patronizing and don't align with modern selling methods. Instead of trying to generate interest, focus on uncovering your prospect's challenges. Understanding their pain points and needs will guide you towards offering tailored solutions.

 4. "Are you …?" – Too Direct, Too Soon

Learn more about this forth question watching this session.

 5. "What can I tell you that would make you buy?" – A High-Pressure Tactic

This question is a relic of high-pressure sales tactics and should be avoided at all costs. It creates unnecessary pressure on the prospect and often results in delayed decisions. Instead, focus on helping the prospect identify their challenges and demonstrate how your solution can address them. Clearly outline the next steps in the sales process without resorting to high-pressure tactics.

To gain a deeper understanding of why these questions should be avoided and to explore alternative approaches, watch the full session. You'll discover valuable tips for improving your sales conversations and increasing your success rate.

Sales representatives must continually refine their approach to stay competitive in today's market. By avoiding these five common but detrimental sales questions, you can enhance your sales conversations, build stronger relationships with prospects, and ultimately close more deals. To learn more about effective sales techniques and strategies, be sure to watch the full session and take your sales game to the next level.

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