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Prospecting for Leads

Linkedin Lead Generation Strategies From Uptown Creation

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Chris Cozzolino


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In the highly competitive world of business, lead generation is the lifeblood of growth. While many seek automated solutions, manual methods can often yield superior results. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore how sales representatives can generate LinkedIn leads by hand, without relying on bots and automation.

The Power of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a potent platform for lead generation. To stand out from the crowd, one must avoid common pitfalls and embrace authentic networking. In this session, we'll reveal the strategies that can help you schedule 15 to 25 hyper-qualified lead calls every month.

Introducing Chris Casolino, the co-founder and head of services at Uptown Creation, a B2B marketing and business development company. He's the go-to expert when inbound strategies fall short, and outbound lead generation becomes essential. In this guide, he shares valuable insights gained from years of experience.

The Importance of Manual Lead Generation

While paid ads and automation have their place, manual lead generation is cost-effective and predictable. By embracing this approach, you gain control and clarity, allowing you to measure actions and results accurately.

Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

Before diving into lead generation, ensure your LinkedIn profile is optimized. A compelling profile picture and a non-spammy headline are crucial elements that grab attention and encourage connections.

Key Tips for Authentic Networking

  • Avoid Message Spam: Sending messages in connection requests raises red flags. People often ignore such requests, assuming they're generated by bots.
  • Steer Clear of Generic Messages: "Thanks for connecting" and similar phrases come off as inauthentic. Treat LinkedIn like real-life networking; engage in meaningful conversations.

The Three-Step Lead Generation Process

Step 1: Creating Lists

In this step, we focus on organizing your prospects using LinkedIn Sales Navigator. You'll create four essential lists:

  • Connection Request Set: This list tracks your connection requests.
  • Message Set: Keep track of messages you've sent.
  • Responded: Add prospects who respond to your messages.
  • Follow-up List: List those who require further follow-up actions.

Step 2: Targeting Your Prospects

Use LinkedIn's filters to narrow down your search. Select your target audience based on location, degrees of connection, industry, and job titles. Most importantly, filter results by those who have posted within the last 30 days. This ensures you're engaging with active users who are more likely to respond.

Step 3: Sending Personalized Messages

Crafting the perfect message is essential. Address the "elephant in the room" briefly, introduce yourself, state your purpose for reaching out, and include a clear call to action. Personalized messages significantly improve your chances of getting a response.

Monitoring and Measuring Results

By saving leads to your designated lists, you can track your efforts and results effectively. Knowing your acceptance rate, message response rate, and follow-up requirements helps refine your strategy over time.

Embrace an Active Approach

Unlike set-and-forget automated solutions, successful LinkedIn lead generation is an active, evolving process. Continuously monitor and adjust your tactics to adapt to market shifts and optimize results.

LinkedIn is a goldmine for lead generation when approached strategically and authentically. Manual lead generation allows you to connect with your target audience genuinely and predictably. By following the steps outlined in this guide and embracing an active approach, you can generate a steady stream of hyper-qualified leads on LinkedIn.

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