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Implications - GPCTBACI

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Matt Doyon

Chief Executive Officer @ Triple Session

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Are you ready to revolutionize your sales approach and guide your clients towards the promised land of benefits they desire? In this session, we delve into the pivotal aspect of sales methodology: Implications. Let's explore the six key benefits that stem from uncovering implications and how it can transform your client interactions.

What Are Implications?

Implications, encapsulated in the acronym G P C T B A C I, represent the positive outcomes resulting from solving problems or capitalizing on opportunities. In essence, they are the long-term benefits, akin to the end game your customers aim to achieve. Understanding implications is crucial, as it sheds light on the positive destination, the broader benefits, and the meaningful changes that follow the successful resolution of challenges.

Benefits Unveiled:

  1. Outlining the Destination: Implications act as a roadmap, outlining the destination of the plan. By communicating the positive changes awaiting your client, you balance the narrative by showcasing a better future, fostering motivation and commitment.
  2. Winning a Champion: In the complex landscape of selling, having a champion within the buying committee is paramount. Uncovering implications allows you to paint a vivid picture of the future, rallying support from a champion who can see the benefits of working with you.
  3. Building Consensus: Beyond personal benefits, implications extend to the team and the entire company. Understanding the positive outcomes for everyone involved is essential for building consensus within a buying committee.
  4. Providing Context to Pain Relief: Effective sales hinge on addressing pain points. Implications offer a lens through which you can articulate the relief your product or service brings, crafting a compelling story of overcoming challenges.
  5. Clarifying the Why: Implications provide a nuts-and-bolts understanding of why your client is investing. This clarity is crucial for building an ROI case, enabling you to articulate the full spectrum of benefits your offering brings.
  6. Informing a Case Study: The power of storytelling is undeniable. Understanding implications allows you to craft compelling case studies, aligning past successes with the future dreams and aspirations of your current prospects.

Extracting Implications:

Now that we grasp the significance of implications, the question arises: how do we extract this valuable information from clients? The best implications emerge through tactful question and answer sessions, ideally conducted in the early stages of your sales process.

Champion or Individual Implications:

  • Question: "What does it mean to you personally if you solve this problem or capitalize on this opportunity?"
  • Long-tail Keyword: Personal Implication

Consensus Building:

  • Question: "What does it mean to the team or the company at large if you solve this problem or capitalize on this opportunity?"
  • Long-tail Keyword: Team Implication

Breadth of the Problem:

  • Question: "When this is solved and you achieve that goal, how many people will know about it and get that benefit from it?"
  • Long-tail Keyword: Problem Implication

Later Stage Implications:

  • Question: "What will solving this problem or getting to that goal allow you and the company to do?"
  • Long-tail Keyword: Later Stage Implication

Real-life Application:

Let's illuminate the power of implications through a real-life example. A construction company aimed to increase sales and invest in marketing. Unpacking the implications revealed a profound desire for the owner: not just more money, but the freedom to spend more time with family by hiring a GM. This personal implication added depth and resonance, connecting the goal to a meaningful, long-term benefit.

In conclusion, understanding implications is more than a sales technique—it's a strategy that transforms your client interactions. By delving into the positive outcomes, you not only enhance your sales pitch but also build lasting connections based on shared goals and aspirations. So, are you ready to unlock the full potential of your sales process? Watch this session to dive deeper into the art of uncovering implications. Remember, practice makes progress.

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