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How to Use Questions to Build Consensus | Virtual Demo 3

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Dan Smith

Chief Learning Officer at Winning by Design

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In the realm of remote sales, the key to success lies not only in delivering an engaging demo but also in seamlessly transitioning to the next step. When crafting a remote demo, sales reps should focus on creating a strategic connection between the present meeting and the one that follows. This guide explores the art of "connecting the wagons" in your sales approach and driving the desired outcomes.

1. The Purpose of a Demo: Beyond Tactical Information

Your first step as a sales professional is to understand the true purpose of a demo. It's not merely a showcase of your solution's capabilities or a discussion about integrations. Instead, it's about helping your prospects realize the impact your solution can have on their business in the context of their existing infrastructure. While tactical information is essential, when dealing with executives, you must maintain a strategic perspective.

Delve into the nuances of defining the purpose of a demo and why it's crucial for your sales success.

2. Planting Seeds: A Lesson from Great Comedians

The concept of planting seeds applies not only to humor but also to sales. You need to lay the groundwork at the beginning of the meeting, establishing clear objectives. For instance, what is the primary goal you want to achieve? During the demo, address the one, two, or three priorities your prospect aims to solve. At the end of the session, typically in the last five to ten minutes, revisit these objectives.

Uncover how great comedians and improv techniques can inform your sales strategy by planting seeds for future engagement and success.

3. Recapping and Reconnecting: The Key to Progress

Recapping is a pivotal moment in any remote sales meeting. Begin by revisiting the goals set at the beginning of the session and inquire if those goals have been met. If it's a simple objection, handle it promptly. However, if it's a more complex objection, use it as an opportunity to guide prospects toward the next meeting. This is where you, as a sales professional, become the master of connection.

Learn the art of effective recapping and the tactics to address objections that might arise during a demo.

4. Pointing to the Next Meeting: Building Internal Consensus

When the goal is to organize a stakeholder meeting for the next step, a powerful technique comes into play. Instead of explicitly asking, "Who else should attend the next meeting?" propose the outcome of the forthcoming meeting, such as a Proof of Concept (PoC) or an impact proposal. Then, subtly suggest, "Should Jane, the VP of IT, also attend our next meeting?" This demonstrates your professionalism and research, fostering consensus without diminishing the importance of those who've already attended.

Gain insights into expert techniques for guiding prospects toward the next meeting, building consensus, and driving successful outcomes.

In summary, mastering the art of remote demos is not just about the demo itself but also about purposefully connecting each meeting to the next. Understanding the true purpose of your demo, planting seeds at the beginning, recapping and addressing objections effectively, and guiding prospects toward the desired outcomes are all integral components of this journey. As a sales professional, the ability to connect the wagons and lead prospects to the next meeting is a skill that can set you apart.

In the dynamic world of sales, adaptability and effective communication are paramount. By applying these techniques, you'll become a master of the remote demo, adept at guiding your prospects seamlessly through the sales journey.

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