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How to Perform a World Class Discovery Call

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Jacco van der Kooij

Founder, Author & Sales Mentor

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In the world of sales, success hinges on the mastery of various skills. One skill that stands out is the art of conducting a world-class discovery sales call. In this session, we delve into the intricacies of this essential skill and how it can be honed to perfection.

Understanding the Discovery Sales Call

Before diving into the details, let's grasp the significance of a discovery sales call. It's a pivotal moment in the sales process where sales representatives aim to uncover crucial information about potential clients. This information helps tailor the pitch, demonstrate value, and ultimately, close deals more effectively.

The Time vs. Engagement Chart

To master the art of discovery calls, envision an X and Y chart. Along the X-axis, visualize time, representing how the conversation unfolds. Horizontally, gauge customer engagement, ranging from disinterest (e.g., checking emails) to active participation. As the call progresses, distinct sub-tasks come into play.

1. Situational Questions

Initiate the conversation with situational questions. These inquiries focus on understanding the client's context. For instance, inquire about the size of their company or specific operational challenges. Limit situational questions to a few to prevent overwhelming the client.

2. Pain Questions

Transition to pain questions once you've established situational context. Pain questions delve into the challenges and issues the client faces. Identify the pain points affecting their business operations.

3. Summary

Following situational and pain questions, summarize the client's situation and pain points. Confirm your understanding by asking if your summary aligns with their experience. This step lays the foundation for empathy.

4. Empathy

Empathy is a critical component. It involves conveying that you genuinely understand and resonate with the client's challenges. This connection builds trust and rapport.

5. Impact Conversation

Finally, steer the conversation towards the impact. Discuss how your product or service can alleviate their pain points and enhance their business. The goal is to elucidate the positive transformation your offering can bring.

Avoiding Solution Selling Pitfalls

One common mistake is prematurely diving into solution selling. If you immediately start describing your solution after the summary, you risk losing engagement. Extended pitches, lasting 30 to 60 seconds, can overwhelm clients and diminish their interest. Avoid the trap of solution selling.

The Consultative Approach

Instead, opt for the consultative approach. Listen attentively to the client, identify how your offering can make a tangible impact on their business, and convey this effectively. This approach fosters a consultative cycle, where your focus is on understanding, not just selling.

Blueprinting Your Discovery Call

Now, imagine that you're blueprinting your discovery sales call. You break it down into sub-components: situational questions, pain questions, summaries, empathy, and impact conversations. These components are like building blocks that you assemble into a seamless structure.

Continuous Improvement Through Blueprinting

The power of blueprinting lies in the ability to refine and improve. Each time you conduct a discovery call, you can analyze the blueprint's effectiveness. Are there areas where engagement drops? Is the impact conversation too long? By adjusting these components, you can enhance the overall quality of your sales approach.

Achieving Repeatable Success

In sales, consistency is key. When you define each stage of the process with precision and create detailed blueprints, success becomes repeatable. You can track and measure progress, fine-tuning every aspect based on data-driven insights.

The SaaS Sales Method

This blueprinting approach aligns perfectly with the SaaS Sales Method, where repeatability and data-driven decision-making are fundamental. Sales skills must be honed to perfection, and this method empowers organizations to do just that.

Ready to Blueprint Your Success?

Are you prepared to take your sales skills to the next level? Blueprinting your discovery sales call is the way forward. It's about creating a structured, repeatable process that leads to success. So, what's next?

Watch this session to learn more about how to run a world-class discovery sales call and start blueprinting your way to success.

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