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How to Create a Sales Process

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Kyle Racki

Co-founder and CEO of Proposify

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How to create a sales process

One of the most researched keywords about sales on Google is "How to create a sales team". Building an effective sales team is crucial for the success and growth of any business. It requires a strategic approach that encompasses hiring the right talent, providing comprehensive training, fostering collaboration, and implementing effective performance management practices. But even before creating a sales team and escaling it, we need to first take a look at the sales process. Building a great process will allow you to test and scale only what effectively works. This session was curated to answer your main questions about:

  1. Building a Sales Team from scratch
  2. When to hire a BDR, Rep or a Manager
  3. How to start filling your pipe and
  4. How and when to set up commission: commission based sales team

Kyle Racki (CEO of Propofify) and Daniel Hebert (host of LTV podcast) talk about the sales process and its scalability. They explore when and how to build a sales process and at what point it becomes ready for scaling. Questions like "how many reps to start with", "who should close the deal", etc., are answered throughtout the conversation. Daniel emphasizes the importance of gradually building the process like a product, with continuous iteration and learning. They discuss the challenges of replicating the founder's selling approach and the need for a scalable sales process that can be taught to new hires. They also touch upon the complexities of setting quotas and commissions in the early stages of building a sales team.

Throughout the discussion, Kyle and Daniel highlight the need for a well-defined and repeatable sales process, emphasizing the importance of understanding market dynamics and adapting the process accordingly. They acknowledge the difficulties of translating the founder's selling success to other sales reps and the need for sales enablement roles to capture and disseminate valuable information. The conversation concludes with insights into managing risk and compensation for early-stage sales reps, taking into account the development stage of the sales process and the product's market fit. They discuss options like draws and accelerator programs, while cautioning against overreliance on a single successful sales rep and considering the challenges of selling in different market conditions and product categories.

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