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How to Coach with AI

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Dan Smith

Chief Learning Officer at Winning by Design

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In the fast-evolving landscape of sales, staying ahead of the curve is imperative for success. Sales leaders are constantly on the lookout for innovative techniques that can supercharge their team's performance. Enter AI-powered coaching, a game-changer that promises to revolutionize sales strategies. If you're a sales leader seeking to elevate your coaching game, this session is a must-watch.

How to Coach With AI

The era of AI-driven coaching has dawned, and the possibilities are boundless. Sales leaders no longer need to rely solely on the precise arrangement of words during coaching sessions. Instead, AI has taken the helm, analyzing nuanced contextual cues to provide a holistic view of performance. This session delves into the world of AI-guided coaching and how it can redefine your approach.

Traditionally, coaching was a meticulous process requiring scrutiny of specific phrases and sequences. The advent of AI, particularly platforms like Gong, introduces an exciting shift. This session outlines how Heads of Enablement and sales leaders can seamlessly integrate AI-augmented coaching techniques. The focus is on leveraging AI to discern behavioral patterns that truly matter, eliminating the constraints of rigid verbal scripts.

The journey begins with a simple yet powerful setup process. Sales leaders are guided through each step, ensuring a smooth transition into AI-driven coaching. The initial setup involves diving into settings and creating a new tracker. The Smart Tracker option takes center stage, offering the ability to customize titles and descriptions. This session emphasizes exclusivity by allowing tracking of team members alone, refining the coaching experience.

In this engaging session, sales leaders are introduced to a groundbreaking AI training process. A series of examples, known as impact questions, are provided to aid the system's learning. Participants explore a series of iterations, contributing their insights to validate AI responses. Witness how the AI system learns to discern correct responses from the team's interaction patterns. This collaborative approach ensures AI aligns with real-world scenarios effectively.

Intelligence through AI Coaching

Sales leaders seeking actionable insights will find this section invaluable. The session unveils a dashboard of insights, specifically focusing on initiatives. By creating a board, leaders can effectively track the implementation of AI coaching across deals. Witness the power of tracking that transcends deal stages, providing a holistic view of coaching's impact. This insight-rich segment is poised to reshape coaching strategies for sustained excellence.

One of the most compelling aspects of AI coaching is its measurable impact. The session showcases a remarkable journey. Witness how a coaching initiative, such as reinforcing a sales team's use of the "Ace an Agenda" technique, transformed over time. The data-driven narrative reveals the journey from initiation to mastery, painting a vivid picture of progress. Learn how to adapt tracking intervals to optimize results in this dynamic coaching landscape.

While the allure of tackling multiple coaching aspects at once is tempting, this session imparts a vital lesson. Sales leaders are advised to focus on a single topic at a time, diving deep into its nuances. By reinforcing one technique until it's intrinsic, leaders set the stage for transformative progress. Witness how this strategic approach leads to accelerated growth, setting the stage for continual improvement.

Are you eager to empower your sales team with AI-enhanced coaching? Discover the dynamic world of AI-guided insights and coaching strategies in this transformative session. Witness how AI transcends traditional coaching boundaries, aligning behaviors with contexts. Uncover the secrets to successful AI implementation and tracking that drives measurable results. Elevate your coaching prowess and unlock your team's limitless potential. 

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