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Izzy Guarino

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In this insightful exploration, the focus is on sales reps and account executives who can harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to elevate their discovery calls. This session promises to unveil the secrets of utilizing AI chats to enhance discovery calls with diverse customer types throughout the sales process.

How to use AI in your sales discovery Calls

Once the formalities are covered – the report, agenda, and permission-seeking – it's time to initiate your sales methodology script. Regardless of whether you're employing BANT or SPIN selling techniques, the goal remains the same: pinpointing your customer's pain points. Identifying challenges that persist within their company, gauging their duration, and assessing prior efforts to address the issues becomes paramount.

To foster a robust customer relationship, simply listening won't suffice. Displaying an intimate knowledge of their market holds equal importance. Enter AI tools like Google BARD Experiment, or ChatGPT. These tools are poised to provide an edge, granting you the capacity to showcase an informed comprehension of their industry.

Before diving into the intricacies, mastering the essentials of AI interaction is imperative. Each input is termed a prompt, and for logical, coherent responses, clear, assertive, and detailed prompts are vital. Tailoring each prompt to correspond with a specific sales methodology step is the key to obtaining focused responses.

Beginning with the Situation step of SPIN selling, AI prompts can be tailored to unveil customer or industry insights. Whether probing healthcare challenges, manufacturing queries, or B2C sales concerns, formulating deep-level questions based on AI responses demonstrates your industry acumen.

Proceeding to the Problem step, prompts can delve into challenges associated with existing solutions. AI-generated questions help illuminate pain points, offering avenues for your product's unique value proposition. Whether in CRM software, HR platforms, or B2C offerings, AI assists in revealing the obstacles your product can overcome.

Transitioning to the Implication step, prompts can highlight the negative consequences of unsolved problems. Whether in education, FinTech, or B2C scenarios, AI-generated questions delve deep, showcasing your understanding and uncovering potential pain points.

The Need-payoff step presents an opportunity to shine as an expert. AI prompts can facilitate tailored queries based on the prospect's name, role, and industry. Crafting these personalized prompts helps initiate a dialogue that resonates, positioning you as a knowledgeable partner.

As you embark on your next discovery call, don't forget to consult AI. By integrating AI-generated prompts, you can facilitate richer conversations, showcasing your genuine interest in the customer's business. Remember, practice breeds progress. Best of luck as you engage in this quiz and hone your skills.

Embrace the power of AI, enhancing your sales calls and fostering more meaningful connections with your customers.

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