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Diagnostic Preparation

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Matt Doyon

Chief Executive Officer @ Triple Session

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Did you know that a well-executed diagnostic call can significantly increase your chances of closing a deal? This crucial step in the consultative sales process is often the deciding factor between success and failure.

Preparing for Success: The Diagnostic Call

The key to conducting an effective diagnostic call lies in thorough preparation. This session focuses on critical takeaways for setting a great goal, understanding the necessary research, and the nuances of executing a successful diagnostic call.

Goal Setting: The Heart of Your Diagnostic

In any consultative sales process, the primary goal of a diagnostic call is information gathering. It’s a learning session, where the focus is not on selling but on understanding the client’s needs. Selling without this understanding is like prescribing without diagnosis—a definite no-no in sales.

Research: Your Diagnostic Toolkit

1. Client Research: This involves understanding who you are talking to. Utilizing platforms like LinkedIn, company websites, and even YouTube can provide valuable insights into your client's background, interests, and business challenges.2. Internal Research: Leverage your CRM to gather insights. What interactions has the client already had with your company? What web pages have they visited, or downloads have they made? This internal data is a goldmine for tailoring your approach.3. Status Quo Research: This involves understanding the current situation of your client in their industry, any recent press releases, social media activities, and more. Being up-to-date with your client's current status helps in making your diagnostic more relevant and personalized.

Understanding the Buyer's Journey

A crucial aspect of preparation is understanding where your client is in their buying journey. Are they in the awareness stage, considering various options, or ready to choose a partner? Tailoring your diagnostic approach to their specific stage can significantly enhance its effectiveness.

The Diagnostic Checklist

A well-structured checklist is essential for a diagnostic call. This checklist should include goals, status quo, challenges identified by the client, budget, buying authority, and more. Having a clear plan helps ensure you cover all necessary topics and don't miss critical information.

Building Rapport and Asking the Right Questions

Building rapport is about more than just small talk; it’s about showing your client that you’ve done your homework and are genuinely interested in their situation. The questions you ask should be guided by the research you’ve done and the checklist you’ve prepared.

The Diagnostic Arc: A Deep Dive

This session delves deeper into the nuances of the diagnostic call. It covers how to efficiently move through your checklist, confirm information with the client, and ultimately, how to use the information gathered to move forward effectively in the sales process.

The Art of the Diagnostic Call

A diagnostic call is not just a step in the sales process; it’s an art that requires preparation, understanding, and skill. The insights gained from a well-executed diagnostic call can set the stage for a successful sales journey.

Remember, practice makes progress. To learn more about mastering the art of the diagnostic call in sales, watch this session for comprehensive insights and strategies.

This content is focused on helping sales reps, account executives, and other professionals in SaaS companies in the United States to master the art of the diagnostic call, an integral part of the consultative sales process.

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