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Matt Doyon

Chief Executive Officer @ Triple Session

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In this insightful session, you'll learn how to prepare and equip your sales reps for highly effective discovery calls. The success of your discovery process doesn't start when the conversation begins; it starts with meticulous preparation. Just like a painter ensures the final coat of paint is flawless by investing in proper prep work, you need to do the groundwork to achieve high-quality outcomes in your customer conversations.

1. The Framework for Successful Discovery

Having a structured framework is crucial to guide your discovery process. It serves as a valuable reference point during your customer conversations, ensuring you cover all essential aspects and uncover your customer's unique needs effectively.

2. Multistakeholder Sales: Be Prepared for Surprises

Sometimes, unexpected attendees join your discovery calls, particularly those who wield significant authority, like an economic buyer. You'll learn how to be prepared for these surprises and navigate the conversation smoothly.

3. Pathway to Value Messaging and Solution Links

Understanding how to connect the pain points, challenges, and opportunities discussed in the discovery phase to your solutions is a pivotal aspect of successful sales. You'll explore how to create a clear pathway for linking customer needs to your product or service solutions.

Business Problems: The Foundation of Discovery

In your journey to mastering deep discovery, it's essential to understand the core criteria for identifying the business problems you aim to solve. The two key criteria are:

- You Can Solve the Problem

Your solution should be capable of addressing the identified problem effectively. If it can't, it's not worth pursuing, either for you or the prospect.

- The Problem is Urgent

Urgency is a driving force behind successful sales. Your questioning and approach should highlight the urgency of solving the identified problem, motivating the prospect to take action.

The Persona Pain Message Matrix

This matrix is a powerful tool to structure your discovery process effectively. It includes the following key elements:

  • Customer Persona: List all the key personas in the buying committee that you might interact with.
  • Unique Pains: Identify the unique pain points associated with each persona. Not everyone will have the same pain points.
  • Impacts of Pains: Understand the significance and consequences of these pain points for the customer. What's at stake for them?
  • Scripted Questions: Create open-ended questions designed to draw out and clarify these pain points, making the prospect more receptive to discussion.
  • Features and Messaging on Solutions: Connect the identified pains to features and messaging regarding your product or service solutions. This is the pathway to solving the problem.

Real-Life Example: Call Center Software

Let's take a practical example to illustrate how this framework works. Imagine you're selling call center software, primarily targeting Sales Ops Managers. One of their key problems is inefficient sales processes, leading to suboptimal sales productivity.

You can structure your conversation like this:

  • Question: "How do you currently provide information to your sales reps, ensuring they have everything at their fingertips?"
  • Response: The prospect reveals their current practices and challenges.

You then connect this pain point to your solution, emphasizing how it removes bottlenecks, boosts productivity, and ultimately contributes to higher pipeline and revenue figures.

In this session, you've learned the essential groundwork for successful discovery calls. By understanding and implementing the Persona Pain Message Matrix and connecting pain points to your solutions, you can guide your sales reps towards more effective and results-driven customer conversations. Always remember, practice makes progress, so put your newfound knowledge to work and watch your sales team thrive!

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