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Mastering Discovery

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Matt Doyon

Chief Executive Officer @ Triple Session

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In the world of sales, one aspect reigns supreme – the art of Discovery. Welcome to the Mastering Discovery skill track, where the secrets of this vital process are unveiled. Discovery isn't merely a phase; it's the very heart of any successful sales journey. Nothing is more critical to your sales outcomes than your proficiency in running Discovery – it's that simple, that paramount, and that indispensable. So, gear up for a wild ride through this skill track, where you'll uncover the root causes of sales issues and discover how mastering Discovery can alleviate or eliminate these symptoms.

Symptoms vs. Root Causes

The issues mentioned earlier aren't just superficial symptoms; they trace back to root causes within your Discovery process. By mastering this process, you can control and, to a large extent, prevent or mitigate these symptoms. Now, let's delve into the heart of the matter and understand what Discovery truly entails.

Mastering the Art of Discovery

1. What is Discovery?

Discovery is not a mere checkbox in your sales CRM; it's an ongoing process. It's about learning, acquiring information, gaining context, and gathering data about your customer's situation, problems, opportunities, and the people involved. Importantly, it happens throughout your interaction with the customer, not confined to a specific phase. For a more comprehensive understanding, watch this session.

2. The Spiced Framework

To manage this ongoing process, we present the Spiced Framework, your scaffolding for running Discovery effectively. This framework comprises five crucial steps:

  • Situation: Understand the customer's current state, team, tools, metrics, and data.
  • Problems: Uncover the challenges, pains, and opportunities your customer is facing.
  • Implications: Comprehend the consequences of unresolved issues.
  • Consensus: Educate and align the buyer committee.
  • Decision: Position yourself for agreement and decision-making.

Each step will be thoroughly explored in dedicated sessions, ensuring you have a solid foundation for your Discovery process.

3. Discovery's Impact

Understanding the scope and influence of Discovery is vital. It extends its reach into every phase of the sales journey:

  • Awareness: Early stage value delivery to prospects.
  • Consideration: Building a champion and tailoring your approach.
  • Decision: Framing your proposal, negotiation, and ultimate success.
  • Customer Experience: Setting you apart from competitors.
  • Deal Size and Customer Loyalty: Deep Discovery leads to bigger deals and long-term relationships.

Running Discovery at a master level separates you from the competition, positioning you as a trusted advisor and, ultimately, winning you the business.

Key Takeaways

  • Discovery is the heart of successful sales.
  • Mastering Discovery involves the Spiced Framework.
  • Discovery's influence extends to every phase of the sales process.
  • Deep Discovery sets you apart from the competition and leads to bigger deals.

Now, get ready to explore each facet of Discovery in greater detail as we progress through this skill track. Your journey to mastering Discovery starts here, and there's much more to discover.

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