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Matt Doyon

Chief Executive Officer @ Triple Session

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Did you know that a staggering 70% of sales professionals struggle with decoding the Decision Process? In this Strength Training session, we dive into the intricacies of the second "D" in the MEDDICC sales methodology – the Decision Process. Understanding this crucial aspect can make or break a deal, and our goal is to equip sales reps with the knowledge to navigate it successfully.

What is the Decision Process?

The Decision Process can be defined as the meticulous evaluation conducted by buyers to determine whether to engage with a particular offer. It involves scrutinizing the fit, technical components, features, and functionalities of the solution. But how do you crack this code and maximize your chances of winning the deal?

Validation: Finding the Perfect Fit

Validation is the initial step where the decision-making committee assesses the fit of your solution for their problem or opportunity. It revolves around technical components, features, and User Criteria. It's crucial to note that validation occurs early in the decision process and acts as a gatekeeper – without it, there's no entry into the approval phase.

Approval: Navigating the Economic Landscape

The approval process is where the economic buyer takes the reins. While they might be involved in validation, their primary focus is on approving the deal. Your champion plays a pivotal role here, helping you influence the buying committee and navigate the red tape, including legalities, purchasing, and vendor setup.

Uncovering the Decision Process

So, how do savvy sales reps uncover the Decision Process when working with buyers? One effective approach is to avoid closed questions that yield simple "yes" or "no" answers. Instead, delve into the buyer's recent purchase history, asking them to narrate the steps involved. This storytelling method often elicits more detailed and honest insights into their decision-making process.

Workshop: Navigating the Decision Journey

Let's workshop a potential Decision Process. Starting with User Criteria, engage with the champion and frontline user to establish a fit during the validation phase. Progress to a demo, ensuring the champion is comfortable with your solution. Technical Criteria follows, validating your compatibility with their stack. Move to presentations, gaining approval and validation from the wider team.

Now, imagine the economic buyer steps in. This might involve another presentation, a discovery call, or a full diagnostic, depending on their level of engagement. If approval is granted, the process advances to purchasing, legal negotiations, and, ultimately, vendor approval setup.

Mapping and Isolating for Success

Sales reps' success lies in meticulous mapping and isolating each step of the Decision Process. Early on, map out the process in detail. Once mapped, isolate each component, ensuring a focused approach at every stage. This method enhances the likelihood of moving smoothly through the process, from the initial presentation to the final vendor approval.

In conclusion, mastering the Decision Process is a key skill for sales reps. By understanding the nuances of validation, approval, and navigating the buyer's journey, sales professionals can significantly increase their chances of closing deals successfully. For a more in-depth exploration of this topic, watch the full session.

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