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What to Do When A Customer Goes Dark | Sales Skills

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Jacco van der Kooij

Founder, Author & Sales Mentor

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Sales opportunities can sometimes slip through the cracks, sales representatives play a pivotal role in reactivating lost deals. With insights from industry expert Jacco, this enlightening session unravels the art of rekindling customer engagement. Discover how strategic preparation and tailored communication can successfully pull customers out of the shadows and back into the sales funnel.

The Power of Preparation: Unveiling the Path to Reactivation

Jacco's insights underscore the critical role of preparation in reactivating a lost deal. Successful re-engagement hinges on understanding the underlying reasons for a customer's withdrawal, be it due to timing constraints, competing priorities, or evolving needs. Identifying the event or circumstance the customer is focused on allows sales reps to tailor their approach and resonate with the customer's objectives.

Unearthing the Trigger: Identifying Customer's Point of Interest

Key to reviving a lost deal is pinpointing the catalyst that led to the customer's decision to go dark. By uncovering the event or source the customer is buying against, such as a time-sensitive deadline or a product launch, sales reps can align their reactivation strategy accordingly. This targeted approach shows the customer that their concerns are understood and valued, increasing the chances of rekindling interest.

Mastering the Discovery Call: Gathering Crucial Information

During the discovery call, sales representatives have a golden opportunity to gather the information necessary for successful reactivation. This is the time to inquire about the customer's upcoming milestones, challenges, and strategic initiatives. Armed with this knowledge, reps can create a tailored re-engagement plan that resonates with the customer's goals and needs.

Crafting Effective Triggers: Guiding Customers Back to the Journey

Triggers are the linchpins of pulling a customer out of go dark mode. By setting up prompts based on the customer's specific events or milestones, sales reps can initiate meaningful interactions. Instead of a generic check-in email, Jacco recommends referencing the important event or deadline that was identified during the discovery call. This not only demonstrates attention to detail but also serves as a conversation starter that shows genuine interest in the customer's progress.

Strategic Communication: Crafting Messages with Impact

Crafting reactivation messages requires finesse and relevance. Messages should reflect an understanding of the customer's goals and challenges, while also offering valuable insights or solutions. Jacco suggests framing the message around the customer's identified event, expressing curiosity about their progress, and inviting them to continue the conversation. This personalized touch can spark curiosity and reignite the customer's engagement.

To delve deeper into the art of reactivating lost deals and learn invaluable strategies from Jacco, watch this session. Equip yourself with the techniques and insights to effectively re-engage customers who have gone dark, guiding them back into the sales journey.

Ready to rekindle customer engagement and transform lost opportunities into thriving connections? Watch this session and arm yourself with the strategies needed to bring customers out of the shadows and reignite their interest. Learn how to tailor your approach, set effective triggers, and craft compelling messages that resonate.

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