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Intro: Re-activating Closed Lost Opportunities

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Matt Doyon

Chief Executive Officer @ Triple Session

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In the movie "The Princess Bride," there's a scene where the hero, Wesley, is brought into Miracle Max's cabin, seemingly dead. But Miracle Max tells us that Wesley is not completely dead; he's only mostly dead, which means he's slightly alive. This idea of being mostly dead but slightly alive can also be applied to your closed-lost deals. Some deals may be truly dead and not worth pursuing, but others may still have potential if you revive them. In this article, we will explore the concept of reviving closed-lost opportunities and turning them into valuable prospects.

The Value of Closed Lost Opportunities

Closed lost opportunities are not just dead ends; they are a goldmine of potential revenue. These opportunities differ from cold leads because you have already established a connection with them. You know each other, there's some history, and there's already some momentum in the deal. Moreover, closed lost opportunities are data-rich. You have valuable information about the key players and metrics from previous conversations. This data provides context that can be leveraged when you reach out to them again.

Playing the Long Game

Reactivating closed lost opportunities requires a different mindset and approach. You need to play the long game and think about the potential six months, a year, or even longer down the pipeline. These opportunities are not quick wins but can yield significant results if worked on diligently.

The Power of Warm Leads

Closed lost opportunities are warm leads that should not be neglected. However, it is essential to spend your time wisely and focus on the right opportunities. In an upcoming session, we will discuss how to select the right opportunities and avoid wasting time on those that are not worth pursuing.

The Process of Reactivation

To effectively reengage closed lost opportunities, it is crucial to have a well-defined process. In a dedicated session, we will delve into the details of this process, including how to prime the closed lost base, requalify opportunities, and reactivate them. We will explore the landmines to avoid and examine strategies to prevent falling into the same issues that led to the initial loss.

Building Habits for Success

To make the most of the closed lost channel, it must become a habit. It should be a routine part of your sales process, not something you sporadically engage with. Building a habit around continuously extracting opportunities and generating revenue from closed lost opportunities is critical. We will conclude this series of sessions with a session focused on habit formation and how to integrate the reactivation process seamlessly into your sales routine.

Reactivating closed lost opportunities is a valuable strategy in the sales process. These opportunities offer a unique channel for revenue acquisition, different from cold leads. With proper mindset, selective targeting, and a consistent process, you can turn these slightly alive, mostly dead deals into impressive successes. Make it a habit to regularly assess your closed lost base and reengage with potential prospects. By doing so, you can unlock hidden value and achieve remarkable results for your business. So, embrace the challenge of reviving closed lost opportunities, and watch your sales pipeline thrive.

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