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Matt Doyon

Chief Executive Officer @ Triple Session

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Have you ever wondered what lies beneath your client's challenges or problems, the true pain they're desperate to resolve? In this insightful session, we delve into the essence of consequences, exploring their definition and why they are a game-changer in the world of sales. Stick around as we uncover the six crucial benefits of understanding consequences early in your discovery conversations. Are you ready to strengthen your approach to consequences and elevate your sales game?

Defining Consequences: What Lies Ahead?

Consequences are not just negative outcomes; they are the looming shadows of what could happen if the current state persists. It's about understanding the detrimental effects that will unfold should your client choose not to embrace change. Unlike goals, consequences deal with the present, the here and now. Dive into the significance of selling in the present tense, where the focus is on the immediate negative impact of maintaining the status quo.

The Key Benefits: Unveiling the Power Within

1. Winning Champions for Your Cause

In any deal, securing a champion is paramount. Understanding the consequences of the status quo allows you to pinpoint those negative implications and win over a champion who recognizes the value of solving the underlying pain.

2. Group Buy-In: Going Beyond Surface Challenges

Delving into consequences goes beyond surface-level challenges. It taps into the broader pains affecting entire teams or businesses, paving the way for comprehensive group buy-in.

3. Classic Objection Prevention

When objections arise, especially the notorious "I want to think about it," understanding the consequences helps clients see the urgency and make decisions, avoiding unnecessary delays.

4. Maintaining Momentum

By swiftly addressing objections, building champions, and gaining group buy-in, you create a momentum that propels your deal forward, ensuring progress from one step to the next.

5. Shorter Sales Cycles

Focusing on solving problems and avoiding consequences accelerates the decision-making process, leading to shorter sales cycles. Get approvals faster and move swiftly towards resolution.

6. Higher Win Rate

Ultimately, the goal is a higher win rate. Connecting your solution to real, consequential pain significantly increases your chances of winning deals compared to merely addressing superficial demands.

Extracting Value: Crafting the Right Questions

Now that you understand the immense value of consequences, let's explore some sample questions that will help you extract this critical information from your clients. These questions can be seamlessly integrated into various stages of your discovery calls, providing you with deeper insights into your client's pain points.

Advocating the Current Plan: Playing Devil's Advocate

  • "Why not just keep doing what you're doing today?"
  • "What's the issue of just keeping the current performance the way it is?"

Advocate for the current state, understand the pushback, and pave the way for discussions about longer-term consequences.

Next Level Down Questions: Peeling Back the Layers

  • "What is the problem that your team or company is living with due to this challenge?"

Go beyond surface-level challenges, unraveling the cascading effects and understanding the true depth of the problem.

Compelling Event Questions: Exploring Motivations

  • "What led you to make this change right now?"
  • "What made you take this call and discuss your business and situation at this moment?"

Explore the driving forces behind their decision to initiate the conversation, even if it's a proactive inbound opportunity.

Broadening the Perspective: Understanding Ripple Effects

  • "If this problem isn't solved in a month, a quarter, six months, who will know about it, and what other effects will happen?"

Delve into the broader consequences, understanding how far-reaching the impact of the current problem could be within their organization.

Real-Life Impact: A Case Study

To illustrate the potency of consequences, let's look at a real-life scenario where understanding and addressing consequences turned the tide in a marketing automation tool purchase. The initial challenge was handling leads effectively. However, it was delving into the consequences—such as losing deals, failing to secure funding, and potential job loss—that transformed the deal. Connecting the solution to avoiding these dire consequences ultimately secured the business for the client.

In conclusion, mastering the art of consequences is the linchpin in your sales strategy. It's not just about uncovering challenges; it's about understanding the profound impact of those challenges on your client's immediate and future state. So, are you ready to watch the session, absorb these insights, and strengthen your approach to consequences? Remember, practice makes progress.

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