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Root Cause Analysis

Running Root Cause Analysis for Deeper Discovery

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Matt Doyon

Chief Executive Officer @ Triple Session

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In the world of sales, understanding the intricacies of your prospects' pain points is paramount. Having already covered the initial steps of discovery, including validating the business problem and its associated consequences, it's time to delve deeper into the world of root cause analysis. In this session, we explore the techniques that can help sales reps uncover the true underlying issues impacting their prospects' businesses.

Question Linking: The Key to Effective Root Cause Analysis

To conduct an effective root cause analysis, sales reps can employ a powerful technique known as question linking. This approach involves using the answers obtained from one question to shape the next one, creating a seamless flow of conversation that explores the problem in greater detail.

Consider a scenario: You're pitching a demand generation tool to a marketing team facing a lack of marketing-qualified leads (MQLs). While this is the initial problem, the real challenge lies in understanding the root causes.

Gathering Surface-Level Information

Start by asking questions that provide more insight into the surface-level problem. For instance:

  • What is your current MQL conversion rate?
  • What is the target number of MQLs?
  • How long has this problem persisted?

These questions establish context and help you grasp the situation at hand.

Unearthing the Root Causes

Once you've gathered surface-level details, it's time to go deeper. Here's where question linking becomes crucial. For instance:

  • Why do you think the low MQL volume is happening?
  • What's your perspective on the causes behind this situation?

These questions encourage prospects to share their thoughts and foster engagement.

Providing Value and Guidance

When prospects don't have immediate answers, seize the opportunity to provide value. Ask:

  • Have you considered using marketing automation effectively?
  • What about implementing XYZ strategy?

By offering potential solutions and guidance, you establish yourself as a valuable resource.

Drilling Down to the Base Problem

The goal is to keep drilling down until you reach the base level of the problem. Continue the root cause analysis:

  • When you say your landing pages don't convert well, what specific challenges do you encounter?

These questions prompt prospects to share experiences and insights, pinpointing the root cause more accurately.

Two Types of Answers

Question linking should elicit two types of answers: prospects may have tried solutions that failed, or they may admit to not having considered certain solutions yet. Use this information to provide valuable recommendations.

By conducting a comprehensive root cause analysis, sales reps position themselves as trusted advisors who understand their prospects' challenges and offer tailored solutions.

Crafting Tailored Solutions

With all the necessary information gathered through the discovery process, sales reps can proceed to craft solutions that directly address the root causes and deliver tangible results. Armed with a comprehensive understanding of the problem, you can develop solution messaging that resonates with your prospect's pain points.

In our next session, we will explore the negative implications and consequences of not solving the root cause problem. This will help reinforce the urgency and importance of finding a solution, ultimately increasing conversion rates and deal sizes.

In your journey to master discovery, it's crucial to go beyond surface-level problems and dive into the depths of your prospects' challenges. Embrace the power of question linking and comprehensive root cause analysis. Become an expert in mastering discovery.

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