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Book Summary: ORGANIZE TOMORROW TODAY by Jason Selk & Tom Bartow

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Sales representatives often find themselves juggling numerous tasks, deadlines, and priorities. The key to achieving consistent success lies in mastering the art of productivity. In this article, we will explore essential strategies for sales reps to enhance their productivity and maximize their daily performance.

Session 1: Winning Like a Champion

Sales representatives can draw valuable lessons from legendary figures like John Wooden, the iconic UCLA basketball coach who led his team to 88 straight wins and seven consecutive national championships. Wooden's philosophy emphasized the importance of intelligent planning and hard work on a day-to-day basis, rather than fixating on future results. Similarly, Bill Walsh, the Hall of Fame football coach, highlighted that focusing on doing your job effectively ultimately takes care of the score. This session sets the stage for understanding the core principles of productivity.

Session 2: Organizing Tomorrow Today

To excel in sales, it's crucial to adopt proactive planning. Imagine your tasks as basketballs in a giant bin. By identifying and prioritizing the "rainbow" tasks—the most important ones—you can significantly boost your daily productivity. This approach, known as "organizing tomorrow today," allows you to seize high-value opportunities from the moment you start your workday.

Session 3: Selecting Your Top Priorities

The question then arises: how do you choose your three most important tasks for tomorrow? Think like an orange farmer, balancing short-term revenue collection with long-term revenue cultivation. Focus on what can yield immediate results while also investing in tasks that create future opportunities. This session provides a framework for selecting your top priorities wisely.

Session 4: Prioritizing Your Tasks

Once you've identified your three most important tasks for the day, it's essential to designate the one that must be completed. Assign estimated completion times to all three tasks. This detailed prioritization empowers you to hit the ground running each morning, eliminating the need to worry about future outcomes.

Session 5: Expecting the Unexpected

In sales, as in life, plans rarely unfold without disruptions. Prepare for unexpected challenges, such as emails, meetings, or urgent issues. Remember Mike Tyson's famous quote: "Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth." Being ready for the unexpected is key to maintaining control over your productivity.

Session 6: Regaining Momentum

When you find yourself losing momentum, take a "100-second timeout." This mental exercise involves a centering breath, reaffirming your identity statement, recognizing recent successes, setting future goals, and breathing once more. Additionally, employ the "ask and chop" technique to refocus your mind and kickstart your productivity.

Session 7: Making Each Day a Masterpiece

In conclusion, the principles of productivity are not just for sales but can be applied to every aspect of life. John Wooden's father gave him a card that read, "Make each day your masterpiece," a philosophy that Wooden carried with him throughout his life. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can make each day a masterpiece in your sales career.

Watch This Session to Learn More: For a deeper dive into the strategies and techniques discussed in this article, watch the accompanying video session. It provides real-life examples and practical insights to help you become a more productive sales representative.

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To thrive as a sales representative, mastering productivity is paramount. By following the strategies discussed in this article and watching the accompanying video session, you can enhance your daily performance, achieve your sales goals, and make each day a masterpiece in your career. So, what are you waiting for? Watch this session to learn more about how to be more productive and start your journey toward sales success.

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