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How to Multiply Your Time

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Rory Vaden

Author, Speaker, Co-founder

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Sales representatives are constantly faced with the challenge of managing their time effectively to achieve their sales targets. In a world filled with tips, tricks, tools, and technology, it often feels like there's more to do than time allows. The stress of managing time and tasks can be overwhelming. In this session, we will explore a new perspective on time management and productivity that can help sales reps thrive in a demanding environment. Watch this session to learn more about how to be more productive in your sales career.

The Myth of Time Management

Sales reps may have been told that time management is the key to success, but this traditional approach may not be as effective as it seems. Time continues to pass, regardless of our efforts to manage it. Instead of focusing solely on time management, it's time to shift our perspective and embrace self-management.

A Brief History of Time Management

Time management as a concept emerged during the industrial revolution, emphasizing efficiency as the primary goal. The idea was to do things faster to gain more time. While efficiency is valuable, it has its limitations, as evidenced by our modern reliance on technology that hasn't necessarily freed up our time.

In the late 1980s, Dr. Stephen Covey introduced the concept of prioritization, creating a Time Management Matrix based on urgency and importance. While prioritization is valuable, it doesn't inherently create more time. It merely shifts tasks within your to-do list.

Enter 3-Dimensional Thinking

Today, a new breed of thinkers, known as multipliers, employs 3-dimensional thinking. They consider not only urgency and importance but also significance. Significance assesses how long a task will matter, fundamentally altering the way they manage their time.

Multipliers ask questions like, "What can I do today to make tomorrow better?" They recognize the importance of investing time today to gain more time in the future.

The Focus Funnel: A Visual Approach

Multipliers use a tool called the Focus Funnel to evaluate tasks. When a task enters the funnel, the first question is, "Can I eliminate it?" Multipliers understand that modern time management is often about what not to do.

Perfection isn't achieved by adding more tasks; it's when nothing more can be taken away. So, they give themselves the permission to say no to tasks that don't align with their goals.

The Power of Automation and Delegation

If a task can't be eliminated, multipliers consider automation. They invest time today to create processes that save time in the future. Automation is to time what compounding interest is to money – it makes time into more time.

If automation isn't an option, multipliers ask, "Can I delegate this task?" They understand that training someone else may require patience but can ultimately free up their time for more valuable activities.

Procrastinate on Purpose

Sometimes, a task can wait until later, and this is where the concept of "procrastinating on purpose" comes into play. Multipliers understand that it's not about avoiding tasks indefinitely but strategically postponing them.

By waiting, they give themselves the opportunity to reassess the task's significance. They may eventually eliminate it, automate it, delegate it, or recognize it as a valuable use of their time.

Sales reps can learn valuable lessons from multipliers who excel in managing their time. By embracing 3-dimensional thinking, prioritizing significance, and employing tools like the Focus Funnel, sales reps can become more productive and achieve better results. Watch this session to dive deeper into these concepts and discover how to be a more effective sales professional.

For more insights on time management and productivity, check out Rory Vaden's book "Take the Stairs".

Remember, the key to success in sales is not just managing your time but managing yourself effectively to create more time for what truly matters. Watch this session to learn how to be a productive and successful sales rep.

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