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6 Social Mistakes That Make You Lose Confidence

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Charlie Houpert

CEO at Charisma on Command

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Let’s explore how sales reps can boost their communication and enhance their confidence in interactions with potential clients. If you're looking to excel in the world of sales, this is the session for you. We'll cover various aspects such as body language, effective communication, and the art of asking compelling questions.

The Power of Body Language

Commanding respect and exuding confidence begins with your body language. Avoidant body language, like failing to make eye contact or facing away from someone, can instantly give off a lack of confidence. To combat this, study individuals with strong body language, such as John Cena and Matthew McConaughey. They exemplify four key principles: they smile, maintain eye contact, keep their heads up, and take up space. In your sales interactions, remember to be open and expansive, as it can make a substantial difference in the impression you leave.

Mastering Your Speaking Habits

Eliminating avoidant body language often goes hand in hand with tackling tentative speech. Avoid stuttering and filler words by giving yourself permission to pause and think before responding. Powerful moments can be created during these silent moments of reflection, building anticipation. You can even practice this by recording yourself daily, gradually reducing filler words and increasing confident pauses.

The Art of Asking Compelling Questions

Instead of asking the same old, tired questions that everyone else does, strive to ask unique and engaging questions that genuinely interest the other person. Discover what excites them, and watch their eyes light up when you ask questions they're eager to answer.

Embrace Recovery and Confidence

Don't be discouraged if you make a mistake or tell a joke that falls flat. Instead of retreating, make light of your error. Embrace the humor in it, just as the news anchor did when his joke with the Dalai Lama failed. It's all about maintaining confidence, even when things don't go as planned.

Avoid Unnecessary Bragging

Bragging about your accomplishments can be a real conversation killer. Instead, let your life experiences come up naturally, as Jamie Foxx does when telling his story about meeting Kanye West. Your stories should be relevant to the conversation and not forced.

Prioritize Authenticity

Above all, prioritize speaking the truth, even when it's difficult. Don't prioritize being agreeable over being true to yourself. Remember, honest conversations, like those portrayed by iconic characters Don Draper and Tommy Shelby, exude confidence and command respect.

Start small, gradually building your confidence in being honest, even with seemingly insignificant matters. Your goal should be to communicate unapologetically while maintaining respect for others.

In the world of sales, confidence, and productivity are your most potent tools. By mastering your body language, communication, and the art of asking engaging questions, you can create a lasting impact on your clients. Be authentic, prioritize truth, and build your confidence over time. Watch the suggested session to dig even deeper into these topics and take the first step toward becoming a more productive and confident sales rep.

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