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Public Speaking Anxiety Tips: 6 Mindset Tips

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Alex Lyon

Professor, Communication Coach, Author, & 500k Subscriber Youtube Creator

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If you're a sales representative, you know that public speaking and presentations are often a crucial part of your role. However, the anxiety and nerves that come with speaking in front of an audience can be overwhelming. In this session, we will provide you with six valuable mindset tips to help you overcome your public speaking anxiety and boost your confidence by at least 50%. These tips are designed to change the way you think about public speaking, enabling you to feel more at ease and perform at your best.

Mindset Tip 1: Embrace Nervousness as a Positive Sign

Anxiety and nervousness are not signs of trouble; they are indicators that you are about to do something important. Even seasoned professionals like the legendary actor Michael Douglas admit to feeling nervous before speaking in public. Remember, nerves are a natural response to a significant challenge, and accepting them as such can alleviate some of the pressure.

Mindset Tip 2: Convert Nervousness into Excitement

Consider that the anxiety you feel is often accompanied by excitement. The butterflies in your stomach are proof that you are challenging yourself and about to embark on something special. Instead of dwelling on how nervous you are, focus on the excitement that accompanies your anxiety.

Mindset Tip 3: You Appear Calmer Than You Feel

A common misconception is that your external appearance reflects the level of nervousness you're experiencing internally. However, your audience cannot accurately gauge your anxiety. Countless speakers have reported feeling highly nervous while their listeners perceived them as only mildly anxious. So, remember that you likely come across as much more composed than you believe.

Mindset Tip 4: The Peak of Nervousness Is Brief

That intense spike of nervousness you feel before and during the initial moments of your presentation typically lasts less than 60 seconds. It's the anticipation that's often the hardest part. Once you start speaking, your anxiety diminishes significantly. Similar to a professional athlete's pre-game jitters, your nerves tend to settle once you get into the flow of your presentation.

Mindset Tip 5: Anxiety Doesn't Impede Outstanding Performance

Don't fall into the trap of thinking that anxiety prevents you from delivering a stellar presentation. Just as athletes perform well despite their pre-game nerves, public speaking excellence isn't contingent on your anxiety level. Some of the world's best speakers confess to experiencing nervousness, but it doesn't hinder their ability to excel.

Mindset Tip 6: Assume Everyone Is Rooting for You

Overcome the tendency to overestimate negative judgments or potential embarrassment. Nearly everyone in your audience wants you to succeed. The majority of people have experienced public speaking at some point and can empathize with your situation. Even if you encounter someone with an unpleasant facial expression, it's likely not about you; they might just be having a bad day.

By implementing these mindset tips, you can transform your approach to public speaking and reduce anxiety significantly. Remember that changing your mindset is just one aspect of conquering public speaking anxiety. In a follow-up session, we will provide you with six behavioral tips to complement these mindset changes and enhance your confidence further.

If you're eager to learn more about reducing anxiety and excelling in your sales presentations, make sure to watch this session on how to be less anxious. You'll gain valuable insights to enhance your sales performance and presentation skills.

Remember, mindset changes and behavioral adjustments are essential steps toward building your confidence and becoming a more successful sales rep. We look forward to helping you boost your sales presentation skills and confidence.

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