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TRIGGERS by Marshall Goldsmith From Productivity Game

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Marshall Goldsmith

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In the dynamic world of sales, adaptability and the ability to evolve are key to long-term success. Sales reps constantly face the challenge of changing behaviors to meet new market demands, close more deals, and nurture valuable client relationships. In this session, we'll explore strategies inspired by the book "Triggers: Creating Behavior That Lasts – Becoming the Person You Want to Be" by Marshall Goldsmith, tailored specifically for sales professionals.

The Impact of Your Environment

Your environment shapes who you are and how you behave. It can either be a catalyst for your success or a hindrance to your goals. As a sales rep, understanding the influence of your environment is crucial in your journey to evolve and excel in your career.

Recognizing Environmental Triggers

Sales reps often find themselves reacting to triggers in their environment. These triggers can be subtle but have a profound impact on behavior. For instance, a frustrating email or a sudden drop in stock prices can influence your decisions, such as choosing comfort food over a healthy meal.

Taking Control of Your Environment

To evolve in your career, start by believing that your environment plays a pivotal role in your behavior. While it might not be the sole reason for your actions, temporarily adopting this belief can kickstart positive change.

The first step is to identify and eliminate counterproductive triggers in your environment. For example, remove sources of negative news or distractions that affect your mood and decision-making.

Anticipate and Prepare for Uncontrollable Triggers

Some triggers are beyond your control, such as traffic or external disruptions. The key is to anticipate these triggers and mentally prepare for them. Similar to checking the weather forecast before leaving home, you can equip yourself to respond positively to challenging situations.

Creating Productive Triggers

To drive positive behavior change, focus on creating productive triggers in your environment. These triggers should support the behaviors you want to adopt or maintain. For example, to reduce arguments with your partner, create triggers that evoke positive emotions and patience.

Loading Your Environment with Productive Triggers

Sales reps can strategically place objects, post reminders, and surround themselves with like-minded individuals who promote desired behaviors. By immersing yourself in an environment filled with productive triggers, you increase your chances of success.

Embrace Active Questioning

Active questioning is a powerful tool for behavior change. Instead of passive questions like "Did I work out today?", ask active questions such as "Did I do my best to work out today?". This shift in questioning holds you accountable and empowers you to take action.

Develop a nightly ritual of active questioning. Write down your answers on a scale of 0 to 10 for each behavior you're striving to change. This process promotes self-awareness and commitment to improvement.

The Journey to Lasting Change

As a sales rep, change is part of your profession. By recognizing the impact of your environment, eliminating or anticipating triggers, creating productive triggers, and embracing active questioning, you can navigate the path of behavior change successfully.

Watch this session to learn more about mastering behavior change as a sales rep and discover how these strategies can help you evolve in your career.

Remember, your environment is a powerful force, but with the right strategies, you can harness it to become the successful sales professional you aspire to be.

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