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The Wrong Way to Create a Sales Team

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Jacco van der Kooij

Founder, Author & Sales Mentor

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In the realm of sales leadership, a common pitfall can ensnare even the most promising organizations. This critical error often arises during the process of creating a sales team, and its repercussions can impact scalability and success. This session delves into this prevalent mistake and offers insights on orchestrating a sales team for enduring success and growth.

Through years of collaboration with diverse sales organizations, an all-too-familiar pattern emerges. This pattern revolves around commencing with an exceptional product, a cornerstone upon which companies build their sales strategies. The journey often commences with the launch of the product, followed by the entry of an Account Executive (AE) to spearhead sales efforts. The AE then crafts a PowerPoint presentation to convey the product's value proposition. Subsequently, pricing models are formulated, forecasts generated, quotas assigned, and compensation plans devised. The toolset expands, encompassing CRM systems, marketing automation, and email tools, as the sales team grows in number.

The Upside-Down Pyramid Syndrome

The crux of the issue manifests when this framework evolves into a precarious structure – an upside-down pyramid. As more layers are added atop the initial product foundation, instability escalates. Often, the blame for underperformance trickles down to the AE level, leading to personnel changes that weaken the structure further. In essence, this misplaced blame obscures the root cause of the issue: flawed processes.

The essence of this predicament resides in focusing on people as the cause, rather than the result. Diving deeper, it becomes evident that the underlying culprit is the process itself. An astute shift in perspective reveals that optimizing the process can lead to consistent success, regardless of individual changes.

Redefining the Pyramid: Process-Driven Success

The solution to this conundrum lies in reversing the pyramid – commencing with process refinement to form a robust foundation. Embracing this strategic shift entails altering the traditional sequence of development. The conventional order of organization-building, tool implementation, skill training, content creation, and process development should be restructured to prioritize process early in the journey.

To actualize this transformational approach, consider the following steps:

1. Prioritize Process

Begin the sales team creation journey by honing and optimizing the process. Cultivate a streamlined and effective process that guides the entire sales cycle.

2. Seamless Onboarding

Design an onboarding process that seamlessly integrates new members into the refined sales process. This ensures consistency and alignment from the outset.

3. Tools and Training

Introduce tools and training that align with the established process. Equip the team with resources that amplify their abilities within the defined framework.

4. Content Enablement

Create content that bolsters the sales process. Develop powerful presentations, collateral, and resources that enhance engagement with potential clients.

5. Skill Enhancement

Implement ongoing skill development programs that align with the process. This ensures continuous growth and adaptability within the evolving sales landscape.

6. Continuous Evaluation

Regularly assess the effectiveness of the refined process and make necessary adjustments based on real-world outcomes and feedback.

To dive deeper into the intricacies of creating a sales team that thrives on optimized processes, watch this enlightening session. Gain insights from industry experts and discover actionable strategies to construct a sales team that not only survives but excels in a dynamic market landscape. Don't miss this opportunity to reshape your approach and revolutionize your sales team's journey towards sustained success. Watch this session to harness the power of process-driven sales leadership and build a team poised for growth.

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