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The Right Way to Cold Call

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Dan Smith

Chief Learning Officer at Winning by Design

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Cold calling can send shivers down anyone's spine, and for good reason – it often feels like an interruption. But, as a sales leader, you can turn the tables and ensure that every cold call you make provides value to your prospect. In this session, we'll explore a powerful framework to enhance your cold calling game and discuss how sales leaders can effectively connect with potential customers.

The First Step: Introduce Yourself

The key to a successful cold call lies in the initial introduction. When you call someone out of the blue, you trigger their fight-or-flight response. To counter this, begin by explaining who you are. It's a simple but crucial step to make sure your prospect doesn't perceive you as a threat.

For instance, "Hi, this is Dan, calling from Acme. We've never spoken before." By letting them know upfront that this is a friendly conversation, you create an environment where they're more likely to engage with you.

The Three Essential W's

To craft a compelling cold call, remember the three essential W's:

1. Who You Are

Clearly state your identity and your company. Transparency builds trust and credibility.

2. Why You're Calling

Explain the purpose of your call. Offer a reason that shows you've done your research or have something relevant to share. This captures your prospect's interest and keeps them from hanging up prematurely.

3. What's In It for Them

The most critical 'W' is "What's in it for me?" (WIIFM). Your prospects are primarily concerned with whether you can solve their problems or add more work to their plate. Address this concern by highlighting the value they'll gain from the conversation.

Avoid Asking About Time

Traditional cold calling tactics often involve asking about the prospect's availability: "Did I catch you at a good time?" or "Did I catch you at a bad time?" These questions no longer hold water in the age of caller ID, where you're often seen as a stranger.

Instead of focusing on time, demonstrate your respect for their time by immediately engaging in a meaningful conversation. For example, "Hi, this is Dan. I'm calling from Acme. The reason for my call is I noticed, Joe, that as a VP of sales, you recently announced you're trying to hire 20% more salespeople. I work with other VPs like you on optimizing a ramping schedule that will help them get up and running as fast as possible. May I ask is that a priority as you go into the new year?"

By diving into a relevant topic, you show that you respect their time and are ready to offer valuable insights.

For a deeper dive into cold calling techniques and real-life examples, watch the full session on "Mastering Cold Calls for Sales Leaders". In this video, you'll gain valuable insights and practical tips to become a master of cold calling and connecting with potential customers.

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