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Sales Role Plays: Closed Vs. Open Ended Questions

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Dan Smith

Chief Learning Officer at Winning by Design

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Success hinges on more than just pitch-perfect presentations and polished scripts. Sales reps and account executives are discovering that the key to meaningful client interactions lies in their ability to ask insightful questions. In this session, you'll explore a groundbreaking approach to sales conversations that is rooted in active listening and strategic questioning techniques. Learn how to unlock the potential of your sales calls by watching this session.

In this session, you will join Jacco in a role play. Traditional learning methods have led us astray, emphasizing lectures and tests as the primary sources of knowledge absorption. However, research shows that only a fraction of learning comes from this passive approach. A mere ten percent stems from lectures, while twenty percent results from hands-on practice. The lion's share, a whopping seventy percent, arises from real-world application. This insight underpins the approach presented here, showing how teaching is a form of active learning.

The Role Play Revolution

Enter the "ring-ring exercise," a revolutionary role-playing technique to enhance your team's skills. Imagine having your team members teach each other through structured role plays. By simulating sales scenarios, you create a dynamic environment for learning, feedback, and improvement. You can learn more about doing role plays in this session.

The Scenario: Asking a Close-Ended Question

Let's dive into a scenario: You, the sales rep, are reaching out to a potential client, Jacco, who is a VP of sales. The focus here is on asking close-ended questions that set the stage for effective communication. This exercise is a strategic blend of close-ended and open-ended questions, a combination that acts as a potent tool for initiating conversations.

Close-Ended Questions

A close-ended question is succinct and elicits a short response. It's like asking, "Did you have a great weekend?" The purpose is to create a quick, engaging entry point. In our role play, you, as the salesperson, ask Jacco if he's interested in ramping up his sales team.

Open-Ended Questions

Open-ended questions, on the other hand, encourage more extensive responses and delve deeper into the customer's needs. After Jacco responds affirmatively to your close-ended question, you transition seamlessly into an open-ended question: "How are you currently ramping up your sales team?"

The Power of the Combination: Close and Open

The genius lies in the combination. By first sparking interest with a close-ended question, you establish rapport. Then, with an open-ended question, you invite Jacco to share more about his challenges and needs. This sequence facilitates meaningful conversations that uncover valuable insights.

Embracing Practice: Elevating Your Approach

The "ring-ring exercise" is most effective when practiced regularly. Dedicate ten to fifteen minutes daily for role plays among your team members. Create a supportive environment where constructive feedback guides improvement. By simulating scenarios, you'll build confidence and refine your questioning skills.

Leveraging Role Play: A Learning Accelerator

Beyond individual practice, group role plays offer exponential learning. Engaging in role plays with colleagues allows everyone to learn from one another's strengths and areas for improvement. This collaborative approach accelerates skill development and cultivates a culture of continuous learning.

In the world of sales, success is no longer solely dependent on rehearsed sales pitches. The ability to ask the right questions and actively listen has become the linchpin of effective client interactions. By implementing the "ring-ring exercise" and mastering the art of close-ended and open-ended questions, your sales team can elevate their performance to new heights. To delve deeper into this innovative approach, watch the full video session and equip your team with the tools they need for impactful sales calls.

For further insights into optimizing sales strategies and fostering a culture of excellence, subscribe to industry expert Dan's YouTube channel. Learn from his experiences in implementing transformative sales techniques. Equip yourself and your team with the skills to drive conversations, uncover client needs, and achieve remarkable sales outcomes.

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