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Psychology of Salespeople

Sales Personas

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Matt Doyon

Chief Executive Officer @ Triple Session

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Have you ever considered how your sales persona shapes your success in consultative sales? Recent studies, including insights from the influential book The Challenger Sale, have highlighted the crucial role of a salesperson's behavior, philosophy, energy, and personality in shaping their results. This session delves into five unique sales personas, each with its strengths, weaknesses, and strategies for success in the dynamic world of sales.

1. The Hard Worker: Mastering the Art of Volume and Activity

The Hard Worker is a sales persona characterized by relentless dedication and effort. These individuals top the leaderboard in activities like emails and phone calls, embodying the mantra of "out-hustling" the competition. Their day is marked by long hours, constant follow-ups, and a zero-inbox approach.

Strengths and Challenges of the Hard Worker

  • Volume and Pipeline Management: Their primary strength lies in maintaining a flush pipeline, filled with opportunities through sheer volume.
  • Attention to Detail: A potential pitfall for Hard Workers is a lack of depth in client interactions, which can be crucial for closing deals with clients needing more focused attention.

Balancing the Scale

For Hard Workers, the key to success is maintaining their inherent grit and activity level while ensuring they devote sufficient time and attention to key accounts.

2. The Best Friend: Building Relationships and Comfort

The Best Friend persona thrives on building rapport and relationships. These sales reps excel in making clients comfortable, often winning sales more on their personal connection with the client than the product or service itself.

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Best Friend

  • Empathy and Trust: Their strength lies in their ability to empathize, actively listen, and match social styles, fostering a comfortable and trusting environment.
  • Process Power: The downside is their tendency to cede too much control to clients, often hesitating at crucial moments where a more assertive approach is necessary.

Striking the Right Balance

Best Friend reps need to leverage their relationship-building skills while ensuring they challenge clients at critical moments to advance the sales process.

3. The Problem Solver: Detail-Oriented and Diagnostic

Contrasting the Hard Worker, the Problem Solver is deeply invested in understanding every facet of the client's situation. They excel in creating tailored solutions through detailed analysis and resource gathering.

Strengths and Challenges of the Problem Solver

  • Detail and Customization: Their strength is in the richness of the solutions they provide, tailored to each client's specific needs.
  • Volume and Pipeline Management: The main challenge is managing time effectively to ensure a healthy top-of-the-funnel activity, given their focus on detailed work per account.

Finding Equilibrium

Problem Solvers should continue to focus on their detailed approach while ensuring they do not over-invest in low-percentage prospects at the expense of broader pipeline activities.

4. The Lone Wolf: Independent and Instinct-Driven

Lone Wolves are experienced reps with a custom-branded approach to sales. They rely on instinct and a personalized style, often resistant to conventional processes.

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Lone Wolf

  • Personalized Approach: Their track record stems from a deep understanding of their unique selling style.
  • Innovation and Coachability: The Lone Wolf's Achilles' heel is a potential lack of openness to new methods and an aversion to coaching and innovation.

Navigating the Lone Path

For Lone Wolves, the challenge is to respect their proven methods while remaining open to new strategies and continual learning.

5. The Challenger: Debating and Shaping Worldviews

The Challenger, as the name suggests, thrives in debate and challenging the status quo. They are well-prepared, research-oriented, and excel in steering conversations through difficult phases.

Strengths and Challenges of the Challenger

  • Debate and Preparation: Challengers are adept at pushing conversations forward, especially in tough sales scenarios.
  • Rapport Building: Their potential weakness lies in the need to balance their challenging nature with sufficient rapport building to ensure client receptivity.

Mastering the Challenge

Challengers need to continue leveraging their debate skills while ensuring they build enough rapport to effectively challenge client perspectives.

Understanding and balancing your sales persona is key to mastering consultative sales. Whether you're a Hard Worker, Best Friend, Problem Solver, Lone Wolf, or Challenger, each persona has unique strengths to harness and weaknesses to address. Watch this session to learn more about how to leverage your sales persona for maximum success in the competitive world of sales. Remember, practice makes progress, and understanding your sales persona is the first step towards achieving sales excellence.

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