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Referral Selling

How to Create a Referral System for Your B2B Saas

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Dan Martell

Managing Partner

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In this informative session led by Dan Martell, a renowned serial entrepreneur and investor, you will gain valuable insights on how to establish a highly effective referral program for your SaaS business. The session focuses on leveraging your current customers to attract new ones without the need for overthinking. By the end of this session, you'll be equipped with the knowledge to kickstart your referral program and enhance your customer acquisition strategy.

The Power of Referrals

Referrals are a potent tool for acquiring high-quality, enthusiastic customers for your SaaS product. Companies like Dropbox have harnessed the potential of referrals to grow from a few thousand users to millions. Dan Martell himself has successfully implemented referral programs in multiple companies, including and Flowtown, and he guides his clients to do the same.

Key Steps to Create a Successful Referral Program

Step 1: Choose the Right Moment

The first crucial step in establishing a referral program is identifying the ideal moment within your customer's journey to ask for a referral. It's essential to catch them at a moment of success when they've experienced the promised results and are most eager to share their positive experience with potential customers.

Step 2: Reward Both Parties

An effective referral program not only rewards the customer making the referral but also provides incentives to the new customer. Creating a sense of exclusivity for the referred customer, such as offering enhanced features, extended trials, or other perks, increases the likelihood of successful referrals.

Step 3: Simplify Sharing

Make the sharing process as effortless as possible for your customers. Provide them with easily accessible referral links that automatically credit their account for new sign-ups. Consider offering social sharing options and, for the ultimate convenience, pre-write email templates to entice potential referrals.

Step 4: Seed the Program

To ensure that your referral program gains traction, seed it within your product's interface. Let customers know about the program's existence through in-app notifications, pop-ups, or even email reminders. Awareness is key to encouraging participation.

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For a comprehensive understanding of how to implement these steps and create a thriving referral program for your SaaS business, watch the full session with Dan Martell. Discover insider tips and strategies that can take your customer acquisition efforts to the next level.

Watch the full session to learn more about this topic.

Incorporate these insights into your business strategy, and watch your SaaS business thrive with a well-executed referral program.

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