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How to Nail The First 30 Seconds of an Insurance Phone Call

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Cody Askins

Owner, Cody Askins Training & Media

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Phone calls can be daunting. Picking up the phone and engaging with potential clients can be challenging, and mastering the first 30 seconds of an insurance call is crucial for success. In this session, you will discover the common mistakes insurance sales reps make during this critical time and learn how to avoid them. By the end of this video, you'll have the tools to confidently handle those initial moments, ensuring a smoother and more successful sales call.

How to Nail a Sales Insurance Call

While the first 30 seconds are vital in an insurance call, the first 4-5 seconds are the most crucial. According to Harvard Business Review, people's attention spans have shrunk to a mere 4-5 seconds. In this short time frame, you must establish control and grab your prospect's attention.

The number one mistake made by insurance agents is a weak introduction. Many agents start a call with generic greetings like, "Hello, is this Betty?" This approach lacks confidence and control, making it easier for prospects to interject with objections or dismiss the call.

Instead, consider a more assertive approach: "Hello, Betty." This simple change can convey confidence and authority, setting a positive tone for the call.

Another common mistake is providing excessive information in the initial moments. Mentioning your full name and company name can lead to prospects interjecting with objections or feeling overwhelmed. A better strategy is to introduce yourself with just your first name: "Hello, Betty. This is Cody." By keeping it simple, you maintain control and avoid unnecessary interruptions.

Many insurance agents unintentionally invite objections by immediately discussing the prospect's request or intentions. For example, saying, "You filled out a form saying you wanted to buy life insurance" in the first 30 seconds can prompt objections or disinterest.

Instead, use a phrase like, "I'm getting back to you about your request for new information." This approach keeps the conversation focused and prevents objections from arising prematurely.

Confirming data

Failing to confirm the prospect's information can hinder trust and control. Instead of assuming details, such as hobbies or preferences, use the phrase, "I want to confirm some data." This ensures that the prospect acknowledges their information, reinforcing trust and control.

To maintain control and authority throughout the call, it's essential to position yourself as the expert. After confirming data, take the opportunity to assert your authority and provide a clear next step.

For example, you can say, "I'm the local field underwriter, and I'll be in your area on Friday. Should I drop this information off in the morning or afternoon?" This approach conveys authority and guides the conversation toward a successful close.

In the world of insurance sales, the first 30 seconds of a call can make or break your success. By avoiding common mistakes like weak introductions, providing too much information, begging for objections, and failing to confirm data, you can set the tone for a successful conversation.

Remember that you are in control from the moment you pick up the phone, and by establishing authority and guiding the conversation, you increase your chances of closing the deal. Watch this session to learn more about these essential techniques and become a master of insurance calls.

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