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Linkedin Strategy Using Chatgpt

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There's an unconventional yet highly effective strategy that's been gaining momentum on LinkedIn. While many utilize Chat GPT for various purposes such as content creation, SEO, and blogging, only a few have tapped into its potential for commenting on other users' posts. This distinctive approach can significantly boost your visibility, followers, and ultimately, sales. Let's dive into this remarkable LinkedIn strategy.

The Dollar 80 Strategy: Adding Genuine Value

Gary Vaynerchuk introduced the Dollar 80 strategy a while ago, advocating for authentic engagement on social media. The core idea is to comment meaningfully on posts, going beyond generic compliments like "great post" or "awesome content." Instead, you aim to provide valuable insights that contribute to the ongoing discussion.

Why Use This Strategy?

Creating original content can be time-consuming and demanding. It involves ideation, research, and editing. In contrast, commenting on existing posts is relatively effortless. Moreover, LinkedIn's algorithm operates in a way that brings these insightful comments to the attention of a broader audience. By commenting on posts with a significant number of followers, you tap into their visibility, ultimately driving more attention to your own profile, offers, and sales.

The Power of LinkedIn's Algorithm

LinkedIn's algorithm is unique, and it heavily relies on connections and interactions. Let's break it down.

First-Degree Connections

When someone in your first-degree network comments on a post, LinkedIn may show that post in your feed, even if you're not directly connected with the post's author.

Second-Degree Connections

If your first-degree connection interacts with a post (likes, comments, or shares), you, as a second-degree connection, might see that post in your feed. This chain reaction continues, extending your reach.

Getting Started with the Strategy

To embark on this journey and effectively implement this strategy, you'll need two key tools: LinkedIn and Chat GPT. LinkedIn Sales Navigator can be particularly advantageous as it helps you track and organize the people whose posts you wish to comment on.

Step 1: Set Up LinkedIn Sales Navigator

For those who don't already have LinkedIn Sales Navigator, there's a 60-day free trial available to explore its capabilities.

Step 2: Identify Posts to Comment On

Begin by identifying posts from influential LinkedIn users within your niche. Look for posts that are receiving substantial attention and engagement.

Step 3: Craft Thoughtful Comments

This is where Chat GPT comes into play. You'll create engaging comments by using Chat GPT to respond to posts. To make your comments sound natural and relatable, add a casual tone to them.

Optimizing Your Commenting Strategy

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to optimize your comments:

  • Like the Post: Start by liking the post. This will help you keep track of which posts you've already commented on.
  • Create a Meaningful Comment: Use Chat GPT to craft thoughtful comments. Ensure they contribute positively to the discussion.
  • Edit if Necessary: Chat GPT responses may require slight editing to make them sound more natural and engaging.
  • Post and Save: Post your comment and save the author's profile on LinkedIn Sales Navigator for future reference.
  • Engage Actively: Reply to any responses your comment receives, further enhancing your engagement.

Driving More Engagement with Questions

To enhance the engagement on your comments, end them with questions. This encourages not only the post author but also other readers to respond and contribute to the conversation.

Find Relevant Posts with Hashtags

To discover posts to comment on, use relevant hashtags related to your industry or interests. Sort by "Top" and "Date Posted" to find recent, popular posts to engage with.

A Remarkable Strategy for Growth

Commenting on influential posts can significantly boost your LinkedIn presence, leading to more connections, visibility, and potentially, increased sales. It's a unique approach that leverages Chat GPT's capabilities for genuine engagement and networking.

But the journey doesn't end here. To delve deeper into this strategy and explore more insights, watch this session. Discover additional ways to maximize LinkedIn for professional growth and success.

For further insights and resources, consider exploring these external references:

Now it's your turn to dive into this unconventional but powerful LinkedIn strategy. Implement it effectively, stay engaged, and watch your LinkedIn presence soar. The path to becoming a LinkedIn engagement expert begins with taking action.

Stay tuned for more valuable sessions and expert insights, as you continue your journey to conquer LinkedIn engagement!

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