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Prospecting for Leads

LinkedIn Prospecting: Targeting Referrals

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Jed Mahrle

Head of Outbound Sales at Milkshake

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Referrals are an incredibly powerful tool when it comes to prospecting and closing deals. However, many sales representatives hesitate to ask for referrals because they lack an effective method for doing so. In this article, we will explore a specific strategy for finding targeted referrals on LinkedIn - a platform that can be a goldmine for connecting with the right people. By following these steps, you can leverage your existing network to expand your reach and generate new business opportunities.

The full walkthrough with detailed information is available in this session. Watch it to see the details used by Jed.

Start with an ICP Search

To begin, you want to search for your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) on LinkedIn. Let's say you are in the marketing industry and you want to find potential clients. Start by entering your desired keyword, such as "marketing," in the search bar. Once the search results load, click on the "People" filter to narrow down your search to individuals.

Refine Your Search with Filters

Next, click on the "All Filters" option to further refine your search. LinkedIn provides various filters, such as job titles, industries, and companies, to help you find your target audience more precisely. Utilizing these filters can help you narrow down your search and identify the right contacts.

Finding Connections of People You Know

Now, it's time to find connections of people you already know. This way, you can ask those individuals to broker an introduction, increasing the likelihood of success. Look for previous colleagues, friends, or individuals you have a good rapport with, where it doesn't feel awkward to ask for a favor. For example, you can search for people connected to your former boss, let's call him Troy Barter.

Utilizing Past Company Information

While some search results may show that your connections are connected to hundreds of individuals, it's important to note that they may not personally know all of them. To increase the chances of a successful introduction, you need to ensure your connection has had a working relationship with the individuals you are interested in. To determine this, use the "past company" filter and enter the name of a company where your connection used to work. This will help you identify individuals who have worked together in the past.

Crafting Your Introduction Message

Once you have identified the individuals you want to approach, it's time to craft your introduction message. Begin by sending a message to your connection, in this case, Troy, mentioning a specific person they used to work with, such as Mary, at the company you both have in common. Share your research on Mary and explain why you believe she could be a good fit for your solution, highlighting relevant reasons (X, Y, and Z) for your recommendation.

Making the Introduction Request

Asking for an introduction should be done in a polite and considerate manner. Let Troy know that you can provide a quick template for the introduction message, making it easier for him to connect you with Mary. Provide the necessary information and assure him that it's no trouble if he would rather not proceed with the introduction. By approaching Troy with a well-thought-out request and showing that you have taken the time to understand his relationship with Mary, you increase the chances of receiving a positive response.

The Importance of Research and Templates

Doing thorough research on the prospects you wish to be introduced to is essential. It shows your commitment and understanding of their needs. Additionally, providing a template for the introduction message can make the process easier for your connection. By offering a pre-drafted message, you remove any friction or potential inconvenience, making it more likely that your connection will follow through with the introduction. This thoughtful approach demonstrates your professionalism and increases the chances of successfully acquiring referrals.

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