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Email Prospecting

How to Write a Provocative Sales Email

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Jacco van der Kooij

Founder, Author & Sales Mentor

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Salespeople and Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) are constantly seeking innovative approaches to captivate potential clients. This video session, presented by Jackal Vanacore from Winning by Design, delves into the intriguing realm of crafting provocative sales messages that resonate with clients and drive successful outcomes. Whether you're a seasoned sales professional or an aspiring SDR, this session offers valuable insights to enhance your sales communication skills.

Mapping Sales Techniques to the Buying Experience

Jackal Vanacore starts by discussing the unique buying experience that clients go through. This journey involves the realization of a problem or need, searching for solutions, and ultimately finding the right fit. He categorizes sales techniques that align with these stages, shedding light on solution selling, consulting, and the star of this session – the provocative message.

Crafting Provocative Sales Messages

The session emphasizes the power of provocative messages in capturing clients' attention, particularly for groundbreaking or innovative solutions. Jackal breaks down a real-life example to illustrate the elements that comprise a compelling message. He demonstrates how relevance, a description of the current situation, key problems, recommendations, rationale impact, emotional impact, and a critical event all contribute to a cohesive and effective message.

Reverse Engineering the Message

To equip the audience with practical skills, Jackal takes a deep dive into reverse engineering a provocative message. He provides a step-by-step breakdown, using the example of an applicant tracking system. By conducting research, identifying the problem, understanding the new situation, and defining the value proposition, he guides viewers through the process of constructing an impactful message.

Application of Provocative Messaging

The session concludes by encouraging viewers to apply their learnings to their own sales scenarios. Jackal urges them to create and refine their provocative messages, tailored to their solutions and target audience. By using the skills acquired from this session, salespeople and SDRs can enhance their ability to provoke interest, engage clients, and achieve better outcomes. Here’s an example: personalized subject lines can increase email open rates by 50%. If you want to go deeper into provocative messaging, do this session about subject lines and how to write them to convert more.

Watch the Session to Elevate Your Sales Game

For those looking to revolutionize their sales approach and stand out in a competitive landscape, this session offers a wealth of actionable insights. Crafting provocative sales messages is an art that can set you apart as a sales professional. To gain a comprehensive understanding of the strategies and techniques discussed, watch this session now.

Email remains an integral tool that bridges the gap between salespeople and potential clients, providing a direct and personalized channel of communication. Its power lies in its versatility, enabling sales professionals to initiate, nurture, and close deals across various stages of the buyer's journey. 

As a cost-effective and time-efficient means of reaching prospects, email empowers sales teams to deliver tailored messages, share valuable content, and build genuine relationships. In an era defined by technological advancement, leveraging the art of email communication is essential for sales success, allowing businesses to forge lasting connections, stand out in a competitive market, and achieve remarkable outcomes.

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