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How to Stop Comparing and Start Competing

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Brett Ledbetter

Co-founder of What Drives Winning

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Sales representatives and leaders understand the importance of healthy competition in achieving success. In this enlightening session, you will explore the concept of healthy competition and its transformative impact on your sales career. Discover how viewing your colleagues as partners in challenge rather than rivals can lead to personal growth and enhanced team dynamics.

The Relationship Analogy

Imagine you're in a romantic relationship, and you wish your partner a great day but add, "Just not as good as mine." It's safe to say this wouldn't go over well, as it's clear that healthy relationships thrive on mutual support and encouragement. Similarly, in the sales world, the way you perceive your colleagues can significantly impact your success.

The Pitfalls of Unhealthy Competition

Unhealthy competition often stems from viewing your teammates as direct rivals. Just as you wouldn't sabotage your partner's day, fostering rivalry within your sales team can hinder collaboration and teamwork. When you constantly compare yourself to others, it becomes challenging to genuinely root for your colleagues' success because you perceive it as a threat to your own.

Many of us have experienced the "freshman conflict" in various settings, including sales teams. When teammates vie for the same position or recognition, it can create tension and hinder individual and collective progress. It's essential to recognize that everyone's journey is unique, and success doesn't have a one-size-fits-all definition.

The term "compete" has its roots in the Latin word "competare," which means "to strive together." This concept underscores the importance of viewing competition as a partnership rather than a battle. Just as you would run faster when accompanied by others, healthy competition in sales can push you to achieve levels of success you couldn't reach on your own.

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Healthy Competition vs. Rivalry

There are two ways to approach competition: as healthy competition or as rivalry. Rivalry is detrimental, as it fosters negativity and can eat away at team dynamics. On the other hand, healthy competition involves appreciating your colleagues' dedication and effort while striving to surpass your own limitations.

Consider the advice from legendary basketball coach Mike Krzyzewski, commonly known as Coach K, at Duke University. He advises his players to focus on their individual races before contributing to the team's collective race. This approach acknowledges that everyone progresses at their own pace and that each player's journey is unique.

Abby Wambach, one of the greatest soccer players of all time, recognized the importance of competing with her teammates rather than against them. She viewed her fellow athletes as partners in challenge, emphasizing the need to push each other's limits and continually evolve positively as a team.

Imagine a world where competition within sales teams is viewed as striving together for success. When you perceive your colleagues as partners in challenge, your collective potential becomes limitless. By embracing healthy competition, you can enhance your sales skills, drive personal growth, and foster a more cohesive and motivated team.

If you're eager to delve deeper into the transformative power of healthy competition in sales, watch the full session. Gain valuable insights into how to become a better salesperson by changing your perspective on competition. Discover the benefits of striving together with your colleagues, and unlock your true potential in the world of sales.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your sales career. Click the link below to watch the full session and embark on a journey toward becoming a better salesperson through the power of healthy competition.

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