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How to Read Facial Expressions in Online Meeting

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Joe Navarro

Founder & Owner of Body Language Academy

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In today's highly competitive business landscape, sales representatives are constantly seeking an edge to improve their communication and negotiation skills. One crucial yet often overlooked aspect of salesmanship is the ability to decode facial expressions during remote calls. In this enlightening session, renowned expert Joe Navarro, a former FBI spy catcher with 25 years of experience, delves deep into the fascinating world of reading facial expressions to gain a better understanding of your prospects and clients.

Why Facial Expressions Matter

From the moment we are born, humans are wired to study each other's faces. As infants, we can recognize the warmth of a mother's smile, but as we grow, we are confronted with a myriad of facial expressions, each conveying a unique message. A smile can signify joy, nervousness, or even reservation. Deciphering these expressions can be a game-changer for sales reps.

The Role of Facial Comfort

In this session, Joe Navarro introduces the concept of psychological comfort and discomfort as the fundamental keys to interpreting facial expressions. When individuals are comfortable, their facial muscles relax, leading to behaviors like smiling, laughing, and wider pupils. Understanding these cues can help sales reps gauge the receptiveness of their clients.

Reading Facial Cues

Navarro highlights the critical areas of the face that convey emotional information. From the forehead to the chin, eyebrows, glabella (the area between the eyes), nose, and lips, every part of the face tells a story. For instance, an arched eyebrow can serve as an exclamation point in an otherwise ordinary conversation, while nose wrinkling may signal displeasure.

The Power of Smiles

Smiles are one of the most expressive aspects of the face. There are various types of smiles, including social, interested, curious, and secretive smiles. Learning to distinguish between these smiles can help sales reps tailor their approach and responses accordingly.

The Influence of Masks

In the post-pandemic world, face coverings have become ubiquitous. However, this does not mean we've lost our ability to communicate effectively. Even with masks, facial expressions can be decoded to understand emotions and intentions. Joe Navarro provides a video demonstration of how to interpret facial cues above the mask line.

Watch this session to learn more about decoding masked facial expressions

The Shift to Virtual Meetings

With the rise of video conferencing, the dynamics of face-to-face meetings have changed. Navarro points out that direct, intense eye contact during video calls can create discomfort. He advises sales reps to experiment with angles to make interactions more relaxed and productive. Synchrony, Navarro emphasizes, leads to harmony in communication.

Chirality in Facial Expressions

Navarro introduces the concept of chirality, wherein a face may display two different emotions—one on the left side and another on the right. By covering one half of a face at a time, it becomes easier to discern conflicting emotions. This technique can be invaluable in sales interactions where prospects may mask their true feelings.

The Importance of Non-Verbal Communication

In closing, Joe Navarro underscores the necessity of studying non-verbal cues, especially facial expressions. By doing so, sales reps not only gain a deeper understanding of their clients but also enhance their own body language to positively influence others.

Decoding facial expressions is an essential skill for sales representatives seeking to establish meaningful connections, build trust, and close deals effectively. To delve further into this intriguing topic, watch the full session and equip yourself with the knowledge to excel in remote sales interactions.

Watch this session to learn more about decoding facial expressions in remote sales calls

Remember, in the world of sales, every advantage counts, and mastering the art of reading facial expressions can be your secret weapon for success.

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