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Team Meetings

Team Meeting Ideas to Generate Strategic Value

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Viktoria Babisashvili

Senior Manager, Global Account Management @Pipedrive

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Explore how sales leaders can harness the engagement of their top performers and transform it into strategic value for the entire team. You've already discovered the importance of getting your reps engaged; now, let's take it a step further and leverage their insights for success.

How to Conduct Sales Meetings

Top-performing sales reps are a treasure trove of innovative ideas that can streamline their own roles and enhance overall results. To unlock their potential, consider involving them in the meeting process, where their contributions can benefit everyone. Here are some actionable ideas to get started:

1. Work the Room: Apply your sales skills by demonstrating the value of their active participation. Introduce fresh concepts and encourage feedback. Start with a "seed" idea and guide them towards taking ownership of it through insightful questions.

2. Bake Interactivity In: Foster a culture of involvement by allowing reps to take ownership of specific segments of the meeting, including preparation. When people feel engaged from the start, they are more likely to contribute actively, creating an infectious energy.

3. Incorporate Workshops: Allocate a dedicated workshop segment within your meetings. Assign teams to tackle specific challenges and encourage them to share their ideas and solutions. Alternatively, introduce a Q&A session that leads reps to tackle a specific challenge through questions and feedback.

Embrace Negotiations for Growth

Negotiation is an inherent part of a salesperson's journey, and it should also find its place in your sales meetings. Instead of just preparing for negotiations, actively encourage them. Start with smaller issues that require less debate, priming your team for tackling more substantial challenges later.

When dealing with major issues, be prepared with a "big idea" supported by data and insights. Negotiations often involve compromise, so be ready for it to ensure a satisfactory outcome for all parties.

To foster active participation, lead your team towards making inclusive decisions, emphasizing majority agreement. If there's uncertainty, opt for a vote to encourage ongoing involvement and collaborative decision-making. Keep the options limited for faster decision-making, reducing cognitive load.

Weekly and Bi-weekly Meetings: A Closer Look

While the ideas discussed so far are relevant to various sales meeting topics, it's essential to address the unique dynamics of weekly and bi-weekly meetings. In the next video session, we'll delve deeper into these recurring meetings, focusing on their significance in sales forecasting and pipeline health management.

Watch this session to gain a more comprehensive understanding of conducting effective sales meetings and harnessing the strategic potential of your sales team.

Maximize the value of your sales meetings by empowering your reps to contribute actively. Their insights can lead to breakthroughs that benefit the entire team. Explore new horizons, foster collaboration, and drive growth in your sales organization.

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