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How to Overcome Cost Objections

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Jeremy Miner

Sales Coach, CEO & Founder of 7th Level Communications

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In today's comprehensive training session, we will delve into the art of helping your prospects overcome the common objection: "It's too expensive." Whether you are a seasoned sales professional or just starting out, this guide will equip you with the knowledge and techniques to address this objection effectively.

Understanding the Objection

When a prospect raises the objection that your product or service is too expensive, it's essential to recognize that the objection may have various underlying reasons. It could be related to budget constraints, comparisons with competitors, or even a misunderstanding of value.

To tackle this objection, sales reps should begin by asking clarifying questions. These questions help uncover the prospect's specific concerns and motivations behind the objection. For instance, you can ask, "In what way do you find it too expensive?" or "Could you explain what you mean by 'too expensive'?"

The Power of Neuro Emotional Persuasion Questioning (NPQ)

NPQ, which stands for Neuro Emotional Persuasion Questioning, is a technique that empowers sales reps to guide prospects effectively. Instead of pushing a sale, NPQ encourages prospects to pull themselves into the decision-making process. By understanding their emotions and motivations, you can significantly increase your success rate.

In this video session, you'll learn how to incorporate NPQ techniques to create a more persuasive and empathetic sales approach.

Customizing Solutions

One of the key skills in handling objections like "it's too expensive" is tailoring your responses to the prospect's specific needs. Whether you are selling lead generation services, marketing solutions, or insurance products, the ability to customize your solutions is crucial.

Case Study: Lead Generation

Suppose you sell lead generation services to businesses. You can employ the technique of comparing two options to shift the prospect's thinking from cost-based to results-based. For instance, you might ask, "Is it more expensive for your business to invest in high-quality leads that result in substantial sales growth and scalability, or to continue with low-quality leads that lead to declining sales?"

This approach encourages the prospect to consider the long-term benefits of your service over short-term cost concerns.

Visualizing the Consequences

To further overcome objections, it's vital to help prospects visualize the consequences of their choices. By painting a vivid picture of the potential outcomes, you can effectively shift their mindset.

Case Study: Insurance

Imagine you are selling life insurance. When a prospect expresses concerns about affordability, you can rephrase the question to ask, "Which is more risky for you: securing financial protection for your loved ones now or taking the chance that your family might struggle financially if something were to happen to you?"

This technique gets the prospect to internalize the potential risks and understand the value of your offering.

To master the art of overcoming objections like "it's too expensive," it's essential to continuously improve your skills and stay updated with the latest strategies. Take Action

To learn more about overcoming objections effectively, watch this session, and enhance your sales skills today! Remember, objections like "it's too expensive" can be opportunities in disguise. With the right techniques and a supportive community, you can turn objections into successful sales conversations.

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