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How to Hire Only The Best People - 7 Questions to Ask Candidates

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Don Georgevich

CEO, Job Interview Tools, Co

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In the cutthroat world of sales, having a team of top-performing salespeople can be the difference between success and failure for any business. However, attracting and hiring the best talent is no easy feat. That's why renowned sales leader Don Georgevich has shared invaluable advice for business owners and hiring managers on conducting successful interviews.

In this session, Georgevich reveals the significance of asking specific questions that predict success, rather than relying on generic brain teasers. These seven key questions will help you uncover whether a candidate is a high performer destined for success or unlikely to thrive in the role.

1. Discovering Candidate's Passion and Alignment

The first question revolves around understanding what motivated the candidate to join their current or previous company. This allows interviewers to gauge the candidate's passion and alignment with the role at hand. By delving into their reasons for choosing a particular company, you gain insights into their commitment and how well they align with your organization's values.

2. Unveiling the Reasons for Leaving Previous Jobs

The second question explores the candidate's decision to leave their previous job. This line of inquiry provides valuable information about their work history and possible patterns of behavior. Understanding the circumstances of their departure can give you a better understanding of their attitude towards challenges and their ability to adapt to new environments.

3. Examining Past Accomplishments

Georgevich emphasizes the importance of asking about the candidate's past accomplishments. Identifying their successes in previous roles helps determine their ability to deliver results and exceed expectations. Look for candidates who demonstrate a track record of achieving targets and driving growth.

4. Assessing Impact on Previous Companies

In addition to accomplishments, interviewers should inquire about the candidate's impact on their previous companies. Did they leave a positive mark, inspire their team, or introduce innovations that propelled the business forward? Understanding their influence on past organizations provides valuable insights into their leadership potential.

5. Identifying Passions and Dislikes in Previous Roles

Discovering what ignites the candidate's passion and what they disliked in previous roles is crucial. This information helps ascertain whether the new position aligns with their interests and motivates them to excel. A candidate who is genuinely enthusiastic about their work is more likely to thrive in the sales environment.

6. Assessing Alignment with the New Position

Georgevich emphasizes the importance of alignment between the candidate's interests and the requirements of the new position. By asking targeted questions about their strengths, weaknesses, and goals, you can assess how well they fit the role and the potential for long-term success.

7. Gauging Adaptability and Growth Mindset

Lastly, interviewers should explore the candidate's ability to adapt and embrace a growth mindset. In the rapidly evolving world of sales, resilience and a willingness to learn and improve are vital attributes. Look for candidates who embrace change and actively seek opportunities to develop their skills.

If you want to make the right hiring decisions and build a top-performing sales team, watching Don Georgevich's insightful session is a must. Learn the art of asking specific questions that predict success and gain the edge in attracting and hiring the best sales talent. Don't miss this opportunity to refine your interviewing skills and revolutionize your recruitment process.

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