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Creating Urgency

How to Drive More Urgency When Selling

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Will Barron

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Are your prospects getting stuck in your sales pipeline? Do you find it difficult to get prospects to take action and move the deal forward? If you're dealing with these challenges, you're not alone. In this session, Will, a seasoned sales expert, will show you how to drive more urgency in your sales process, helping you close deals faster and add value to your prospects.

Understanding the Status Quo

In the world of B2B sales, the status quo is the current state of affairs. Most buyers can defer, hold back, and avoid spending their money because their decisions are rarely life-threatening. To break through the status quo, you need to understand three key ways to add urgency to your sales process.

1. Expanding the Gap

One common barrier in the status quo is a small gap between the buyer's current situation and their desired future reality. If the gap is perceived as small, the buyer might think it's not worth the effort or expense to solve the problem. Your task is to stretch the perceived size of the gap, making the problem seem significant and urgent.

Pro Tip: If the buyer's objections include phrases like "I don't want it" or "I don't have time for this," it's likely the gap is too small.

2. Increasing the Cost of Inaction

Buyers often hesitate to take action because they believe the cost of inaction is less than the cost of action. They might say, "I want to think about it" or "Let's circle back next quarter." To create urgency, encourage the buyer to explain the consequences of not taking action. This shifts their perspective, making the cost of inaction appear significantly higher.

Pro Tip: Highlight the potential loss in commissions, profits, or missed opportunities to boost urgency.

3. Overcoming Confirmation Bias

Humans are wired to resist changing their minds once they've made a decision. Confirmation bias can be a powerful force, causing buyers to stick with their current choices even when evidence suggests they should change. If a buyer says, "I'm happy with our current supplier" or "We're doing good enough," it's a sign of confirmation bias.

Pro Tip: Ask the buyer for evidence supporting their current choice, and gently challenge their assumptions.

Driving Urgency in Your Sales Process

To create urgency in your sales process, you must continually revisit these three steps. If you can consistently improve the perceived gap between your solution and the buyer's future value, articulate the risks of inaction, and address confirmation bias, you'll significantly increase the urgency in your deals.

Don't let your prospects linger in the status quo any longer. Implement these strategies and watch your deals close faster, providing value to both your buyers and your business.

In conclusion, by understanding the status quo, expanding the gap, increasing the cost of inaction, and overcoming confirmation bias, you'll be well on your way to creating a sense of urgency in your sales process. The result? More closed deals and happier, satisfied customers. So go ahead, watch the session, and start boosting your sales today.

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