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How to Create a Mutual Action Plan

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Nick Cegelski

Founder of 30 Minutes to President’s Club

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In today's dynamic sales landscape, account executives are constantly seeking innovative strategies to close deals and build strong customer relationships. One powerful tool that's been gaining traction is the Mutual Action Plan, often referred to as "MAPs." In this comprehensive session, we will explore the significance of Mutual Action Plans in the world of sales and delve into the step-by-step process of creating and integrating them into your sales cycle.

How to create a Mutual Action Plan 

Sales professionals understand the challenges of introducing new tools and concepts into their sales processes. The question arises: why invest time and effort in Mutual Action Plans (MAPs)? The answer lies in the tangible benefits they offer.

A well-constructed Mutual Action Plan signals expertise and experience to your buyers. It reassures them that you are a seasoned professional who knows the ropes. This trust-building element is invaluable in establishing long-term relationships.

When you and your customer collaboratively create and endorse a Mutual Action Plan, you are essentially agreeing on the crucial steps needed to complete the purchase. This includes access to decision-makers, large group demonstrations, and navigating legal and compliance hurdles. It paves the way for smoother processes and decision-making.

Facilitating Transparent Communication

Mutual Action Plans foster open and honest communication. By sharing your proposed plan and inviting the customer to discuss how it aligns with their processes, you create an environment where concerns and questions can be addressed promptly.

Now that you understand the importance of MAPs, let's explore how to create one effectively.

Step 1: Outline Major Sales Cycle Phases

Begin by identifying the major phases in your sales cycle. These may include initial champion discovery, deep-dive demos, executive-level presentations, proposal submission, proof of concept, and vendor reviews. Tailor this list to suit your specific business needs.

Step 2: Add Micro Steps with Dates and Owners

Learn more about the second step watching this session!

While a Close Plan typically focuses on the steps to close the deal, a Mutual Action Plan extends beyond the sale. It includes steps through implementation and customer success. It's about mutual success, not just closing a sale.

Many salespeople make the mistake of introducing Mutual Action Plans too late in the buying process. The ideal starting point is when you have a champion who is bought into your solution. After that initial call, propose the idea of creating a MAP together. Frame it as a collaborative success plan, not a rigid template.

 Integrating the Mutual Action Plan

Creating a MAP is only the beginning; you must seamlessly integrate it into your sales process. Here are some best practices to ensure its effective use:

- Regular Reference: During customer meetings, allocate time to refer back to the Mutual Action Plan, discussing the status of items and identifying any potential roadblocks.


- Ongoing Collaboration: Consider scheduling weekly check-ins with your champion to review the MAP's progress. It keeps everyone aligned and accountable.

- Ease of Access: Train your buyers to rely on the MAP as a central resource. Whenever you provide a document or resource, include it in the MAP for easy access.

Mastering Mutual Action Plans is a game-changer for sales account executives. To dive deeper into this topic, we recommend watching this informative session by Nick and Arman from "30 Minutes to President's Club." They provide valuable insights and tips for implementing MAPs effectively in your sales process. Don't miss out on this opportunity to enhance your sales strategy.

Mutual Action Plans are not just another tool in your sales arsenal; they are a gateway to building trust, streamlining processes, and achieving mutual success with your customers. By understanding their significance, creating them strategically, and seamlessly integrating them into your sales cycle, you can elevate your sales game to new heights.

Remember, success in sales is about continuous improvement, and embracing innovative tools like MAPs can be your ticket to the President's Club.

This comprehensive session has provided you with the knowledge and resources to unlock the potential of Mutual Action Plans in your sales journey. Start implementing these strategies today, and watch your sales success soar.

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