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How to Coach Salespeople to Sell More

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In the dynamic world of sales leadership, one of the most challenging aspects is striking the balance between providing guidance and fostering independent problem-solving among your sales team. Victor Antonio, an expert in the field, shares a thought-provoking perspective on how to condition your team to think for themselves. He draws inspiration from an experiment conducted by Charles Duhigg, author of "The Power of Habit," involving a maze and a mouse.

The Habit Loop: Cue, Routine, Reward

Duhigg's experiment with the mouse in a maze revealed a powerful concept known as the Habit Loop. This loop consists of three key elements:

  • Cue: It starts with a cue, something that triggers a specific behavior.
  • Routine: The cue leads to a routine, a set of actions or behaviors.
  • Reward: The routine results in a reward, reinforcing the behavior.

For instance, when a person feels stressed (cue), they may decide to smoke a cigarette (routine), and the nicotine hit serves as the reward, creating a habit. Understanding this loop is crucial for shaping behaviors, whether in personal habits or professional settings.

Applying the Habit Loop to Sales Leadership

Now, let's apply the Habit Loop concept to sales leadership, coaching, and encouraging independent thinking within your team.

Cue: In a sales context, the cue is when an employee or salesperson encounters a problem.

Routine: Traditionally, the routine for many salespeople is to seek out their sales leader's office and ask for guidance on solving the problem.

Reward: The reward in this scenario is the information or solution provided by the sales leader.

Over time, this pattern conditions salespeople to depend on their sales leader whenever they encounter challenges. However, this dependency can hinder their growth and development.

Shifting the Coaching Paradigm

Victor Antonio suggests a paradigm shift in coaching that empowers sales leaders to foster independent thinking among their team members. Instead of following the traditional model where sales leaders provide immediate answers, consider the following approach:

  • Spend 70% of your coaching time asking questions.
  • Dedicate 20% of your time to listening actively.
  • Allocate just 10% of your time to providing direct information or solutions.

This shift encourages team members to think for themselves, break the habit loop of dependency, and develop their problem-solving skills.

From Dependency to Empowerment

When a salesperson approaches you with a problem under this new coaching model, they'll encounter a different routine:

Cue: They face a problem.

Routine: Instead of rushing to your office for answers, they are encouraged to think critically and consider possible solutions.

Reward: The reward here is not just the solution but the sense of empowerment and growth that comes from solving problems independently.

Over time, this new routine becomes a habit. Sales team members learn to rely on their own problem-solving skills, becoming more self-sufficient and better equipped to handle challenges.

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For a deeper understanding of how to implement this coaching approach and witness its transformative effects on your sales team, watch the full video session.

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Empower your sales team by transforming them from dependent problem solvers into independent thinkers. Victor Antonio's insights offer a refreshing perspective on how to elevate your sales leadership and drive results.

Share these empowering coaching insights with your fellow sales leaders and colleagues, and together, let's revolutionize the way we approach sales leadership. 

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