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How to Ask Probing Sales Questions to Close More Sales

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Jeremy Miner

Sales Coach, CEO & Founder of 7th Level Communications

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In the competitive realm of sales, the ability to handle objections effectively and close deals is crucial for sales representatives and account executives. Renowned expert Jeremy Miner provides invaluable insights on using probing questions to elicit strong emotions from prospects, ultimately leading to successful sales conversions.

By understanding the significance of emotions in the decision-making process, sales professionals can position themselves effectively and create a sense of urgency for prospects to take action. This session explores the power of expanded probing questions and the art of understanding the decision-making process within a prospect's organization.

1. The Power of Probing Questions: Eliciting Strong Emotions

In this session, Jeremy Miner emphasizes the importance of asking probing questions that tap into prospects' emotions. By using expanded probing questions, sales representatives can uncover deeper insights into the prospect's needs and desires. Understanding prospects' emotions is pivotal as buying decisions are often made based on feelings, later justified by logic.

2. Creating Urgency: Helping Prospects Feel the Pain

Miner highlights the significance of using probing questions to help prospects feel the pain associated with their challenges. By asking prospects to elaborate on their problems or provide specific examples, salespeople can instill a sense of urgency and motivation to solve those problems. Addressing emotional triggers encourages prospects to take immediate action.

3. Understanding the Decision-Making Process

Gaining insights into the decision-making process within a prospect's organization is essential for successful sales negotiations. Miner advises sales representatives to ask questions such as, "Can you walk me through your company's decision-making process?" This information allows sales professionals to tailor their approach and position their offerings effectively.

4. Effective Probing Question Examples

During this session, Jeremy Miner provides several examples of effective probing questions. Sales representatives can ask prospects to describe their desired qualities in a company, allowing them to envision their ideal solution. Additionally, asking prospects to explain in detail the impact of a problem on their business helps salespeople understand the severity of the challenge and offer appropriate solutions.

5. The Art of Leading Phrases

The use of leading phrases like "walk me through" and "explain to me" encourages prospects to open up about their challenges and feelings. This fosters a deeper understanding of prospects' pain points and allows sales representatives to offer tailored solutions that resonate with the prospect's needs.

For a comprehensive understanding of Jeremy Miner's probing techniques and how to handle objections effectively to close more deals, do this session. Uncover the secrets to tapping into prospects' emotions, creating urgency, and mastering the art of asking probing questions. Don't miss this opportunity to refine your sales approach and achieve greater success in your sales career.

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