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Izzy Guarino

Head of Product

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As a seasoned former sales leader, navigating the intricate landscape of assembling an effective sales team is no small feat. The reliance on mere resumes and LinkedIn profiles to accurately assess a candidate's suitability for a sales role can be a hit-or-miss endeavor. Recognizing these challenges firsthand, our experienced leader discovered an innovative approach – conducting role plays during interviews – to gauge a candidate's potential for growth and improvement. Yet, even with this approach, certain limitations came to light.

The Complexity of Soft Skills Evaluation

While LinkedIn profiles and resumes offer a glimpse into a candidate's professional history, these documents often fall short in capturing the essential soft skills vital for thriving in sales. Furthermore, deciphering the actual sales implications of impressive past experiences on a CV requires a more nuanced evaluation.

To address these obstacles head-on, the former leader introduced a novel concept – a second round of role play interviews designed to assess a candidate's coachability. This phase aimed to discern the extent to which candidates were open to learning and refining their skills post-initial assessment. The commitment to self-improvement, demonstrated through this initiative, emerged as a highly desirable trait for potential sales team members.

Bridging the Gap: The Efficacy of Learning Material Dissemination

However, a reliance on referrals and the dissemination of supplementary reading materials or videos didn't consistently yield the desired outcomes. The gap between acquiring knowledge and effectively applying it remained, leading to a need for a more comprehensive solution. This is where Triple Session enters the scene as a game-changer.

Triple Session introduces an ingenious method through public profiles that cast a spotlight on candidates' existing skills and their untapped growth potential. Candidates can effortlessly create free accounts, granting them access to meticulously curated sales training content. The platform's feature allowing users to save sessions for later review ensures flexibility in their study schedules.

Post-initial role plays, the former leader embarked on a personalized journey with candidates. Tailored sessions and content recommendations were meticulously based on each candidate's performance and identified areas for growth. Triple Session's public profiles provide a comprehensive view, transcending the confines of basic information. These profiles offer a holistic glimpse into candidates' present positions, company affiliations, and a steadfast commitment to self-improvement.

A unique highlight of Triple Session lies in its consistency chart. This graphical representation tracks a candidate's practice sessions over time, serving as a visual testament to their commitment and engagement levels. The chart cleverly employs colors – gray squares symbolize days before joining Triple Session, white squares denote days without practice, and blue squares represent days when candidates completed sessions and quizzes. Darker shades of blue indicate days of intensive practice.

Deciphering Traits for Sales Success: Insights from Public Profiles

The Triple Session public profile unveils a wealth of insights into traits essential for excelling in sales. Traits such as curiosity, coachability, accountability, a results-oriented mindset, active listening skills, and a strong work ethic come to the fore. A brief review of a candidate's accomplishments on the platform can provide an accurate assessment of these traits critical for sales success.

The integration of gamification within Triple Session sets it apart from conventional platforms. Engaging leaderboards, badges, and challenges inject an element of fun, ensuring that the acquired sales training is not easily forgotten. Users are motivated to secure their positions on leaderboards and work towards achieving significant milestones.

The Key to Long-Term Knowledge Retention: Refreshing and Revisiting

Maintaining the knowledge gained during onboarding or training is paramount for sales representatives. Triple Session addresses this concern by offering a dedicated refresher tab. Users can effortlessly revisit previously completed sessions, ensuring the retention of knowledge and the preservation of a high level of expertise.

The inclusion of Triple Session into the sales training routine holds immense promise for enhancing the sales team's performance. It provides a holistic evaluation of candidates' existing skills and growth potential while enabling continuous progress tracking. The platform's unique ability to recommend targeted sessions and content elevates Triple Session's value for talent acquisition teams, facilitating the search for the ideal fit within a sales position.

So, when the time arrives to seek out remarkable sales talent, remember to inquire about a candidate's Triple Session public profile page. This seemingly small step can yield a deeper understanding of their skills, dedication to self-improvement, and potential to shine within a sales role. Best of luck in your hiring endeavors, and may Triple Session guide you towards identifying the ultimate sales powerhouse for your team.

As the journey unfolds, always keep in mind that progress is a product of unwavering commitment to consistent practice.

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