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Discovery Questioning

"Go Back in Time" Discovery Approach

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Chris Orlob


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Are you struggling with Discovery calls, trying to unearth business pain in your buyers who are eager to talk about solutions? Look no further – in this session, you'll learn the powerful "Go Back in Time" technique to ace your Discovery calls and align with your buyers effectively.

Aligning with Your Buyer's Journey

Discovery calls often present two challenges. The first challenge involves buyers who are already enthusiastic about discussing solutions. They want to see a demo and get into the nitty-gritty of your offerings. But as a sales rep, you need to start with Discovery, understanding their pain points before diving into solutions.

The second challenge arises with cold buyers who are reluctant to share their pain. You might have initiated outbound contact, and they aren't fully warmed up yet. In both cases, the key is alignment – aligning your questions with where your buyers stand in their buyer's journey.

Understanding Buyer Types

To effectively use the "Go Back in Time" technique, you need to recognize the two primary types of buyers you'll encounter:

  • Actively Exploring Buyers: These buyers are usually inbound, actively exploring solutions, and eager to talk about products and services.
  • Latent Buyers: Latent buyers aren't actively searching for solutions yet. They might have latent or potential pain, but it hasn't crystallized into an active search for solutions.

The "Go Back in Time" Technique

Here's how the "Go Back in Time" technique works:

  • Start by Aligning with Solutions: When you begin your Discovery call, especially with actively exploring buyers, start with questions that align with their desire to discuss solutions. Ask them what motivated them to explore your category of solutions.
  • Hover on the Topic: After asking the initial question, delve a bit deeper. Inquire about their objectives and what they aim to achieve with a solution like yours.
  • Now, Go Back in Time: After establishing alignment with solutions and objectives, you've earned permission to transition back to the past. Ask questions about the original challenge or pain that prompted them to seek a solution. Use softening language to make this transition smoother.

Example Transition Question

Here's an example of a transition question you can use:

"Interesting, I've heard about your motivations, and they make a lot of sense. Can we go back in time for a moment? What was the original challenge in your business that led you to consider a solution like this?"

This approach allows your buyer to open up about their pain points, giving you valuable insights to tailor your solutions effectively.

Homework for Skill Development

To implement this technique effectively, follow these steps:

  • Select an Upcoming Call: Choose a Discovery call with a buyer actively exploring your solution category.
  • Plan Your Questions: Plan your first three questions carefully. Ensure the initial questions align with where the buyer is in their journey, and use the "Go Back in Time" technique as the third or fourth question.
  • Reflect and Improve: After trying this approach, reflect on your interaction. Note down what went well and areas you can improve for the next time. Skill development takes practice and refinement.

Incorporate the "Go Back in Time" technique into your Discovery calls, and you'll find it easier to align with your buyers, uncover their pain points, and guide them toward effective solutions. To dive deeper into this technique and other valuable sales insights, watch the full session.

Unlock the potential to close more deals with this powerful Discovery approach. Watch this session to learn more about this topic and elevate your sales game. Don't miss out on the opportunity to refine your skills and boost your sales success.

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