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Prospecting for Leads

Frameworks for Cold Calling with Confidence

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Matt Doyon

Chief Executive Officer @ Triple Session

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In this video session, we delve into a three-part cold calling framework that empowers sales Business Development Representatives (BDRs) to initiate conversations with confidence and achieve better results. By following this framework, you can boost your success rate in cold outreach.

1. Permission - Winning the First 7 Seconds

In the world of cold calling, the first few seconds matter the most. To gain your prospect's permission, you need to address two fundamental questions: "Who are you, and why are you calling me?" With a composed and confident tone, you can effectively diffuse initial skepticism.

For instance, your opening might sound like this: "Hey Mike, this is Matt with Triple Session. We haven't spoken before. Can I get just 30 seconds real quick to explain why I'm calling?" Remember, your tone and pacing convey confidence, which is crucial.

2. Position - Focus on Their Needs

Why are you calling? It's not to sell, but to address the prospect's needs. To build trust, concentrate on what matters to them. This is where thorough pre-call research comes into play.

For example, you could say, "Mike, I noticed in a recent press release that you're set to double the size of your sales team in the next 12 months. Congrats! When working with other sales leaders, I've found that finding the right candidates during rapid growth can be challenging. Is this something you're currently dealing with?" By referencing specific information, you demonstrate credibility and relevance while engaging the prospect with a question.

3. Learn the third part in this session

Next steps are the lifeline of any successful sales process. After gaining the prospect's interest, it's essential to move the conversation forward. You need to describe the value they will receive by continuing the discussion.

To read an example, watch this session.

By focusing on value and making the next steps clear, you encourage the prospect to commit to further engagement.

Incorporating this three-part cold calling framework into your BDR strategy can yield remarkable results. Remember that practice is key. By consistently applying this approach, you can increase your success rate in cold outreach and ultimately drive more meaningful conversations and connections.

Now, take the plunge and implement these techniques in your cold calling efforts. Success awaits those who are prepared and confident in their approach. Happy calling!

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