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Everything DISC Sales Profile

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Bill Harshman

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In this engaging 13-minute video session, Bill Harshman, your presenter, explores the Everything DiSC Sales Profile – a valuable tool for sales reps. Dive deep into how this profile can help salespeople understand themselves, their customers, and their clients.

The Common Challenge: "It's Too Expensive"

Sales professionals often face the objection, "It's too expensive." It's one of the most common challenges in sales. Even with strategies like setting price ranges and asking about budgets, prospects sometimes respond that they've discussed the numbers with their finance team and they don't look favorable.

Introducing the Everything DiSC Sales Profile

The Everything DiSC Sales Profile is designed to help salespeople comprehend their sales style, better understand customers' buying styles, and adapt their approach accordingly. This validated profile is suitable for all sales professionals, aiding them in building more effective relationships with customers.

The Core Priorities

Each DiSC style comes with a set of core priorities, which serve as lenses through which individuals view various situations and interactions. Understanding these priorities is crucial for effective sales interactions.

  • Dominance (D): Competency, Results, Action
  • Influence (I): Action, Enthusiasm, Relationships
  • Steadiness (S): Relationships, Sincerity, Dependability
  • Conscientiousness (C): Dependability, Quality, Competency

Tim's DiSC Profile

Let's consider an example. Tim's DiSC profile indicates he falls into the C-style quadrant, characterized by traits like analytical reserve, precision, and systematic thinking. His sales priorities are quality, dependability, sincerity, and relationships.

Tim's Sales Strengths and Challenges

Tim's strengths lie in his ability to demonstrate high quality, dependability, sincerity, and respect to customers. However, his challenges include being overly analytical and slow in the sales process.

Understanding Customer Buying Styles

To succeed in sales, it's crucial to understand your customers' buying styles. Using a simple tool, you can determine whether your customers are fast-paced and outspoken or cautious and reflective, as well as whether they are questioning and skeptical or accepting and warm.

Strategies for Interaction

Once you've identified your customer's buying style, you can tailor your interaction accordingly. For example, if you're dealing with an "I" style customer (fast-paced and accepting), you should increase enthusiasm, focus on building positive relationships, and engage in small talk.

Customer Mapping

The appendix of the report provides a detailed plan for interacting with specific customer styles. Tim, for instance, chose a customer he identified as cautious and reflective with questioning and skeptical traits (C-style). This allowed him to prepare a strategy tailored to that customer's priorities.

Everything DiSC is a research-based training solution used by over 130,000 organizations in more than 70 countries. It empowers individuals and organizations to improve their performance and culture by understanding and leveraging different styles.

Watch this session to learn more about how the Everything DiSC Sales Profile can revolutionize your sales career!

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