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DO HARD THINGS by Steve Magness

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Steve Magness

Author, Performance Coach

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In this competitive world, hitting sales quotas can be tough. But there's a way to turn challenges into opportunities with a growth mindset. Discover the science of toughness and how it can transform your performance.

In his book, "Do Hard Things: Why we get resilience wrong and the surprising science of real toughness," author Steve Magness delves into the true essence of resilience and toughness. Rather than associating toughness with mere bravado and confidence, Magness uncovers the science behind what makes individuals truly tough. By examining the power of embracing reality, acknowledging discomfort, and satisfying psychological needs, Magness presents a compelling argument for adopting a growth mindset. The book offers science-backed tactics and practical insights that challenge conventional notions of toughness and provide readers with the tools to take on difficult endeavors with confidence and perseverance. "Do Hard Things" is a refreshing and empowering guide to unlocking one's potential and embracing the journey of self-improvement and success.

The Reality of Toughness

Many associate toughness with confidence and bravado, but real toughness means embracing reality. Learn how to set realistic expectations and stay prepared for any challenge. Short-term pessimism with long-term optimism is the key to sustained toughness.

Acknowledging Discomfort

Rather than ignoring pain, embrace it with equanimity. Understand your internal alarm system and quickly turn off unnecessary alarms. Explore how meditation techniques can help achieve mental equanimity, leading to better decision-making and focus, even if you don't really need to be an expert in meditation to achieve that level of mental stability.

Techniques for Equanimity

Discover three techniques to maintain equanimity during discomfort. Zoom out and explain stressful situations in the third person, increasing problem-solving brain activity. Reappraise discomfort as a sign of growth and benefits. Reassure yourself that discomfort is temporary, allowing a return to a balanced state.

Satisfying Psychological Needs

Activate autonomy, competency, and belonging to increase motivation and drive. Recognize that you always have a choice, even in challenging situations. Focus on making progress and reflect on past achievements to feel competent. Connect with a purpose or mission to foster a sense of belonging and increase resilience.


A growth mindset and the science of toughness can transform your performance. Do this session to develop the skills needed for a successful journey. Learn more about the power of a growth mindset and its impact on sales success. Embrace the science of toughness and lead your team to new heights.

Experience the power of a growth mindset and unleash your potential. Discover the science-backed tactics to tackle challenging endeavors and drive your success.

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