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Matt Doyon

Chief Executive Officer @ Triple Session

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Did you know that fear can be one of the biggest obstacles to success in Connect Calling? In other sessions of the Connect Calling series, the focus was on understanding the benefits of ongoing Connect Calling and delving deep into the formidable challenge of fear. Fear is not just a fleeting emotion; it's a belief deeply rooted in the emotional brain, the limbic system. In session two, the narrative shifts towards strategies to overcome fear and, more importantly, how to convert that fear into unwavering confidence.

Understanding the Emotional Brain

Fear is often irrational, stemming from our emotional brain rather than our rational neocortex. This emotional response can be paralyzing, hijacking our thought processes and physiologically affecting us. Matt, the speaker in the session, vividly illustrates this point with an unexpected image and sound, evoking an immediate, irrational reaction. This is a common experience when fear takes over, even in situations unrelated to danger.

Four Steps to Overcome Fear

To empower sales reps and sales account executives, session two introduces four key steps to overcome fear before making Connect Calls:

1. Visualize the Worst-Case Scenario

Sales professionals are encouraged to visualize the absolute worst outcome of a Connect Call. Whether it's being yelled at, hung up on, or facing rejection, understanding and visualizing the worst-case scenario is the first step to overcoming fear.

2. Assess the Actual Threat

The session emphasizes the importance of rational thinking. Sales reps are prompted to ask themselves, "How dangerous and threatening is the worst-case scenario, really?" This step involves engaging the rational brain to counteract the emotional response.

3. Plan Your Response

Anticipating negative scenarios, sales reps are guided to plan their responses. What will they do if someone hangs up, becomes confrontational, or asks to speak to a manager? Having a prepared response helps in maintaining control and confidence.

4. Embrace a Growth Mindset

The session concludes with the idea of adopting a growth mindset. Viewing setbacks as opportunities to learn and grow, rather than personal failures, is crucial. A Connect Call that doesn't go as planned becomes a stepping stone for improvement.

Empathy: The Catalyst for Positive Connect Calls

With fear conquered and confidence instilled, the focus shifts to the mindset before picking up the phone, starting with empathy. The speaker introduces the concept of positive empathy versus negative empathy and highlights their impact on the quality and success of Connect Calls.

Positive Empathy

Positive empathy involves assuming a positive perspective. It's about believing that the call is an opportunity to provide value, help, and make a positive impact. The analogy drawn to doctors, as authoritative figures aiming to help, underscores the importance of a positive mindset in sales.

Negative Empathy

Conversely, negative empathy involves assuming negative outcomes. It's about projecting assumptions that the call is an interruption or an imposition. The speaker emphasizes that the energy projected during the call, whether positive or negative, significantly influences its quality.

The Sales Professional as the Business Doctor

Drawing parallels between sales professionals and doctors of the business world, the session encourages sales reps to see themselves as authoritative figures offering valuable solutions. The analogy extends to the need for empathy, understanding, and a growth mindset in consultative sales.

Sales reps are equipped with a new mindset and tools to tackle fear, transforming it into confidence. The track promises a deep dive into the anatomy of the Connect Call, offering practical insights that can be immediately implemented in the sales process.

Watch this session to learn more about mastering Connect Calling and turning fear into confidence. Practice makes progress, and with each session, sales professionals can refine their approach and enhance their success in Connect Calls.

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