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Connect Calling Best Practices

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Matt Doyon

Chief Executive Officer @ Triple Session

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In the fast-paced world of sales, the initial contact you make with a potential client can make or break the entire sales process. As a sales rep, you understand the critical importance of that first impression. According to statistics, a staggering 85% of prospects will choose not to engage with a sales rep after a poor initial call. How do you ensure that you nail the connect and set the stage for a successful sales journey?

1. Mindset Matters: Positive Empathy

The first and foremost best practice is to cultivate a mindset of positive empathy. Before picking up the phone or joining a call, sales reps need to recognize the urgency and real value they bring to the table. Much like a doctor providing essential help, understanding the unique value you offer is crucial. In session seven, the emphasis is on developing a positive, empathetic mindset to establish a solid foundation for the connect.

Hack #1: Mindset - Practice positive empathy before every connect session.

2. Checklist for Success

Preparation is key, and having a checklist of essential information ensures you are organized and ready for any type of connect—whether it's inbound, outbound, or referral. While it's crucial not to sound robotic, having a checklist helps you cover core elements and ensures a seamless and valuable interaction.

Hack #2: Get your checklist ready - Organize information for a smooth connect experience.

3. Be Present: Focus on the Now

Once the groundwork is laid, the next step is to be fully present during the connect call. Avoid multitasking, and give your complete attention to the prospect. In a world where scripted conversations are prevalent, being genuinely present in the call sets you apart and enhances the quality of your interaction.

Hack #3: Be present - Invest fully in each call for maximum success.

4. The Power of Body Language

Your body language speaks volumes, even over the phone. Stand up, use emotive gestures, and yes, smile. A smile, though unheard, can be sensed through your tone. Session seven delves into the significance of great body language and how it can positively impact your connect calls.

Hack #4: Great body language - Convey energy and positivity through your tone.

5. Understanding the Value of Tone

Tone matters more than content. The value of your message is heavily influenced by how it is delivered. The session refers to a study that emphasizes the importance of visual means, but in the absence of video, your tone becomes the next best thing.

Hack #5: Understand the value of tone - Master the art of delivering your message.

6. Read and React to Social Styles

People have distinct social styles, and being able to identify and adapt to these styles early in the conversation is a game-changer. By actively listening and understanding the prospect's social style, you can tailor your approach for a more connected and comfortable interaction.

Hack #6: Read and react to social styles - Enhance connection by mirroring communication preferences.

7. Craft Your Core Value and Positioning Statements

Know why your business exists and be ready to articulate it concisely. Have positioning statements that highlight the problems and opportunities your business addresses. These statements serve as powerful tools to engage your prospect and build trust.

Hack #7: Core value and positioning statements - Establish authority and build trust from the start.

8. Patience is a Virtue: Do Not Rush

Avoid the common trap of rushing through the connect, especially if the prospect is showing keen interest. Slow down, savor the moment, and transition to the next steps organically. Rushing can make you appear nervous and unprepared.

Hack #8: Do not rush - Take your time and allow the connect to unfold naturally.

9. Sell the Next Step

Finally, always sell the next step. Don't leave it open-ended; provide detailed information on the value the prospect will gain by taking the next step. Whether it's a follow-up call, a meeting, or a specific action, clarity on the next step is crucial for commitment.

Hack #9: Sell the next step - Guide the prospect toward the next phase of the sales process.

In conclusion, mastering connect calls requires a strategic blend of mindset, preparation, and effective communication. By implementing these nine best practices, sales reps can elevate their connect calls, fostering engagement, trust, and commitment. Remember, each connect is an opportunity to progress, and with practice, progress becomes success.

Watch this session to learn more about mastering connect calls and unlocking your sales potential.

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